Academy Aims

Bradfields Academy aims to be a leading centre of excellence in the Special Education Sector where students can thrive and fully develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in order to take a full, active and responsible role in their local community and beyond as Global Citizens and Ambassadors for students with disabilities.

In order to achieve this the staff and governors aim :

  • To provide the highest standards of teaching and learning;
  • To have high expectations of student work and behaviour;
  • To develop self-motivation through praise;
  • To develop the confidence to be curious, imaginative and take calculated risks;
  • To develop personal rights respecting views and responsibility through opportunity and modelling;
  • To develop a sense of personal pride and self-worth that can be sustained with increasing confidence;
  • To develop and maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle;
  • To develop academic potential and the ability of students to transfer those skills to everyday life and work situations;
  • To develop positive social and emotional skills and levels of emotional intelligence as an integral part of the learning process;
  • To develop recreational and work-related skills that are sustainable beyond life at our Academy;
  • To guide and prepare students for each new phase of their life;
  • To give each student the opportunity to participate equitably in every aspect of academy life;
  • To ensure that opportunities for inclusion within the local community are a right for every student;
  • To develop a sense of understanding of being a citizen of the United Kingdom; and, ensure each student understands British values, traditions and culture;
  • To develop a sense of understanding of being a Global Citizen;
  • To give each student a balanced understanding of racial, religious and social differences so they can appreciate diversity and be safe from radicalisation;
  • To make all students, parents/carers, staff, governors and other professionals attached to the academy feel they have a voice and a view that is valued;
  • To ensure that the physical and learning resources are of a high standard for all students and staff;
  • To identify, access and implement the intellectual and practical benefits of Professional Learning [INSET & CPD] to advance the quality of education offered and increase the professional advancement of all staff;
  • To play a lead role in action research projects with particular reference to:  complex learning difficulties and disabilities; teaching strategies ; and, leadership and management;
  • To support other schools/academies in developing accessibility and inclusive practices; and,
  • To create a happy, safe and supportive working environment.

Teaching & Learning Values

The staff and governors of Bradfields Academy believe it is important that teaching and learning :

  • Is of a high standard
  • Uses a variety of methods and approaches
  • Is monitored regularly
  • Takes place throughout the whole academy day
  • Is sharply focused and includes on-going assessment
  • Is stimulating and interesting
  • Gives access to a range of age-appropriate learning opportunities
  • Is relevant to the needs of each student
  • Links student learning to real world examples and applications
  • Recognises and promotes achievements in all areas
  • Promotes positive learning behaviour and supports it being sustained
  • Is well planned and recorded
  • Demonstrates high expectations of the students
  • Is supported by appropriate levels of learning resources and access to developing technologies
  • Is accredited to ensure external value, credibility and transferability
  • Conforms to statute and academy policy
  • Is supported by quality on-going Professional Learning [INSET & CPD].

The curriculum is communicated to students through 'Our Tree of Learning’.


Our Values

The staff and governors of Bradfields Academy believe it is important that :

The Students

  • Are respected and valued 
  • Can develop their self-esteem
  • Feel part of a caring community and are safe
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and develop their awareness of those actions on others
  • Are happy, purposeful, confident and independent

The Staff

  • Are committed to the welfare and education of students at all times
  • Have high expectations for the behavioural and intellectual development of each learner
  • Are flexible and able to work co-operatively as part of a team
  • Are committed to regularly updating their skills
  • Are perceptive to the needs and concerns of all others in our academy community
  • Are able to deliver an appropriate  and quality curriculum
  • Are excellent role models
  • Support and motivate each other
  • Work in partnership with parents and other agencies

The Governors

  • Work in partnership with all staff
  • Are committed to undertaking appropriate training in order to fulfil their legal responsibilities
  • Develop a high profile within the academy, as well as being ambassadors within the local community
  • Access the daily life of the academy and are supportive of the work being performed
  • Feel well informed and valued members of the academy community
  • Make well informed decisions about the future development of the academy based upon good knowledge of its current work and strengths

The Parents & Carers

  • Feel welcome at the academy each time they visit
  • Can be involved in the life of the academy and work in partnership on behalf of their child
  • Share the responsibility for developing positive learning behaviours in their child
  • Have high expectations of the work performed at the academy

Extending use of Pupil Premium to aid Curriculum Provision

We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to spend the Pupil Premium. We welcome suggestions from parents, carers, staff and students themselves.

We are currently looking into the following areas:

  • Setting up a lending library of equipment to make home learning more accessible to all.
  • Further developing our resource of careers material for Key Stage 4 and 5 students.
  • Repeating some of the recreational activities following requests from parents and carers so as to further enhance student social and emotional skills.  For example where the funding has been used to allow students to access Extended Day Activities the parents and carers have been able to see an improvement in their social interactions, their collaborative working, and their communication. These skills are then transferable into the classroom to improve their learning experiences.