Mission, Values and Aims

Bradfields Academy aims to be a leading centre of excellence in the Special Education Sector where students can thrive and fully develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in order to take a full, active and responsible role in their local community and beyond as Global Citizens and Ambassadors for students with disabilities.

Our Mission

Striving for excellence where all within our community flourish

 Our Ethos & Values

Aspiration and Success

This is evident through:

  • A culture where all have high aspirations and future life opportunities.
  • Recognition that all students have individual talents which they are encouraged to develop, including extracurricular activities.
  • Students enter aspirational careers, supported by the academy to achieve this through outstanding progress and development of life skills.

Collaboration and Inclusivity

This is evident through:

  • An environment where students want to spend time, staff want to work and provides for the best possible outcomes.
  • Ensuring support is in place to reach the best possible outcomes despite obstacles.
  • Positive relationships across the academy and with families, where there is a culture of support and celebrating unique identities.

Respect and Resilience

This is evident through:

  • Confident students, who overcome challenges.
  • Student who actively engage with learning both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Students being responsible citizens, engaging with local charities and learning the value of giving.
  • Students and staff who champion each other’s successes.

 Our Aims


Develop the confidence to be curious, imaginative and take calculated risks.

Develop recreational and work‑related skills that extend beyond the academy.

Develop a sustainable sense of personal pride and self‑worth.

Guide and prepare students for each new phase of their life.

Wellbeing Vision Statement

At Bradfields Academy, for all individuals to thrive, learn and achieve, they must feel happy, safe and supported. We strive to achieve a culture that: promotes a healthy lifestyle; cares for each other; celebrates successes and provides the ability to work through difficulties, and extend this into our wider communities. Within our academy, we develop character strengths and promote the resilience needed to make the most of the life that lies ahead.