Black History Month 2023

Several activities in honour of #BlackHistoryMonth took place this week!
Our wonderful canteen staff prepared an Afro-Carribbean lunch for students & staff serving delicious dishes like Jerk Chicken and Jollof Rice!
Students in Years 8, 10 and 11 were able to visit of Civil Rights movements, through the magic of Virtual Reality! This workshop enhanced what students have been learning this term by immersing them in three historical events. The first was exploring Alabama in the 1950s and learning about segregation by going into cafes and on the bus with Rosa Parks. The next was to go and hear Matin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and lastly, they explored the world of Mary Seacole.
The students had a great time, where they were able to understand more about what happened throughout the history of various Civil Rights Movements. This workshop was part of a week of events which included a cultural experience of Africa where students could dress up in some traditional African clothes and taste African foods such as puff puffs.