British Science Week (STEAM Week) 2023

Throughout the week, students from Years 7-14 have been taking part in STEAM activities!
On Monday, Year 10 & 11 students took part in science tasks and experiments; including fingerprint investigations, making telephones, and creating their own hoverboards.
On Tuesday, students in Years 12, 13 and 14 took part in maths activities, where they had to build a rollercoaster and had a variety of information talks about careers and financial support.
On Wednesday, Year 9 students went to Chatham High Street to increase their understanding of the arts and associated careers by providing them with real-life engagements. They started at TK Maxx where they spoke with the manager about the many retail jobs available, including displays, product placement and drawing in customers. They then went to The Central Theatre where they spoke with 2 technical staff who explained about lighting, sound and stage effects and other careers associated with the theatre. Students and staff also got the opportunity to explore backstage. Finally, everyone ended up at Nucleus Arts where they looked at an exhibition, and spoke with the Centre Manager about their role and the centre overall.
On Friday, Year 7 students took part in a Technology day, where they learnt about the different careers within Design Technology. The students played a game of Dobble (hand-made by the Technology staff) to help explore the different jobs. Later in the day, the students made bubble planes, which when they flew left a trail of bubbles.
Our Primary Students took part in British Science/STEAM Week with many different tasks. These included bridge building, growing ice, creating rainbows and touch & smell activities.
The students were really engaged with the activities and enjoyed working independently and as part of different teams.