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Welcome to the Computing department. The department is made up of:

  • Computing

In KS3 students complete either a programme of study based upon either the NAACE curriculum designed for mainstream KS3 students (focusing on Software skills, Technology in the World, Digital Literacy and Technical Understanding) or the EQUALS curriculum (focusing on Developing ideas, Exchanging information and Finding things out) which was designed specifically for students with Special Educational Needs.

 Three students coding with a Raspberry Pi.

This year the Computing department has also subscribed to the rising star which offers students an exciting and rigorous curriculum.

The Control Technology rotation allows students to extend their technical understanding through the use of motors, sensors and other outputs and covers many of the elements of programming and logical thinking outlined in the new Computing curriculum for 2014.

All students at KS4 take a qualification in Computing.  Many sit Functional Skills to an appropriate stage for their needs.

Students in KS5 will take an IT Users course and have an option to choose Cambridge Technical or Project qualification. These courses have wide choice of units to take and plenty of variety.


Students also have the opportunity to take Computing as one of their options subjects where they will have the opportunity to take Cambridge Technical or iMedia which involves visits and the study of a choice of units.  Other students can opt to complete a project which is based on their own choice of topic which they will study, develop and bring to a conclusion.  

Students in Key Stage 5 have the opportunity to take an ASDAN qualification, either at a Certificate or Award in Personal Effectiveness.  Students cover many areas of learning and can count such experiences and college courses and work experience, along with personal skills such as oral presentation, research and discussions.

Home Learning

Home learning in Computing does not require a computer.  Key Stage 4 and 5 are assessed as when appropriate using a variety of research tasks, worksheets and tests.

ICT Community Workshop

The workshop started at the beginning of this term and runs on Monday from 2:10 to 3:00pm. The club is for parents and carers or people of the local community of all ages to improve their skills in general usage of computers. From learning how to send emails to using programmes such as office and excel, anything parents/carers want to learn we teach them. The workshops are informal and parents/carers learn lot of exciting things in an environment with the most up to date technology. Parents/carers also get insights into how various topics/courses are delivered within the Academy. This enables them to provide extra support to their children in completing their class work/home learning.

Parent/Carer celebrating their work on a computer.