Construction Work at Bradfields Academy – Onsite access

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Construction Work at Bradfields Academy – Onsite access

You will have received communication from Miss Sweetlove on Friday regarding the planned replacement of the lower site building. This is a major piece of demolition and construction work and we are working with Wates Construction and the Department for Education to avoid as much disruption to the student’s education as we possibly can.

The size of this project is immense and the time scales are rapid. In 18 months the plan is that the following will have happened. A new temporary accommodation will have been constructed, and staff and students will have moved into it. The lower building will then be demolished and a brand new building constructed on site. Staff and students will then move from the temporary accommodation into this and then the temporary accommodation will be removed. As you will agree a lot to do in a limited time.

We have been told today that in order for the early milestones to be reached we will need to lose access to our lower site playground from Thursday of this week. We knew this was likely to be the case but this is much earlier than we had anticipated.

We can manage the internal impact with regard to play times and PE lessons relatively easily. The impact that we cannot easily manage without parental support is that of drop off and pick-up at the start and the end of the day.

From Thursday of this week all school transport (minibuses and taxis) will be dropping off at Upper Site. There will be no capacity to continue to offer parental parking on site at these times. I realise that his will be inconvenient and not a popular decision but we simply do not have enough space to accommodate the provided transport and the additional parental vehicles.

Parents and carers are more than welcome to drop students at Breakfast Club from 08:00 at the usual door to the Family Room (booking in advanced required). Other than this cars will need to be parked in the surrounding roads and students walked in for 08:40. There is pedestrian access still to the door of Primary and also the door leading to the lower floor of the Lower Site building which will still be in use until the move into the temporary accommodation. Staff will be on duty from 08:40 to receive students as usual.

I apologise for the short notice but the school has literally just been told of this plan.

Thank you for your support over this project which will eventually lead to far superior facilities and opportunities for our students.

Yours sincerely

David Waters

Principal of Bradfields Academy