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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

COVID UPDATE - Bradfields Academy

The following letter has been sent to all parents this evening:

Re: COVID Update for Bradfields Academy

This has been an incredibly difficult week for the academy and we have had to take some very difficult decisions with regard to students attending the provision. These decisions have not been made lightly and I would like to thank the overwhelming positive support that has been received from parents and carers in supporting us at this time.

As you will be aware we have, this week, had our first positive cases of COVID-19 in the academy. This was disappointing as we seemed to be on top of things with the rigorous hygiene and cleaning routines we had in place. In working with the Local Health Protection Team t would appear that the point of origin was a student who was being sent in whilst parents were symptomatic and the academy was only alerted to this when the parents tested positive. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and carers that if anybody in the house has COVID symptoms then the family isolate until that person has had a negative test result or 14 days has passed and people feel well. The person with symptoms only has to isolate for 10 days or until a negative test result is received. On no account should any student be attending the academy if they have symptoms or they live with someone who has symptoms or a positive test result. You can see the devastation this has caused.

We were first alerted to the issue when a member of staff received a positive test result on Wednesday 2nd December. With the Public Health Team we tracked back 48 hours from when they had last been in school and sent the students and staff that had been in contact home to self-isolate. At the time they took a letter with a return date on it.

On Thursday 3rd December we were notified of a second and third member of staff that had tested positive. Once again students and staff were sent home to self-isolate. This involved the primary provision and a group in the main part of the academy.

Friday 4th saw a student test positive along with another member of staff. This had considerable overlap to the event on Wednesday but still more staff and students had to isolate. Once these students and staff had been sent home we were then in apposition where we needed to complete a risk assessment against our contingency plan and we identified that we did not have enough staff present in the academy to safely manage the students so we started to get identified students collected.

The fact that new cases came in over a three day period has had an impact on the days that people need to self-isolate. For example as one of the staff members identified on Friday was in the primary area on Thursday this will change the date they will be coming back on.

At the beginning of next week we will write to individual people confirming the return date from isolation as this will allow for any other test results to be highlighted.

In the meantime please only send the students to school if you have not had a telephone call today to say that they have to stay off.

We have sent a survey around to identify those families that need an essential worker provision so please return this by Monday 7th so that we can start this provision on Tuesday 8th.

Please be aware also that we have had to send our medical team home to isolate as well. We are covering the medical room for emergencies. Please do not send students in if they do not feel well.

Those students who are now self-isolating must isolate and must not go out of the house. Work will be provided for them and they should check SeeSaw or their TEAMS ASSIGNMENTS for work. If they have been notified that lessons will be taught online then this will happen at the usual time. Assignment tasks can be accessed at any point.  

I hope this clarifies the situation for you. Pease await further detail. In the meantime I would like to thank you all once again for your support in making a very difficult week much easier than it could have been

Yours faithfully

David Waters
Vice Principal