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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

COVID-19 & Lockdown

4 November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

RE: COVID-19 & Lockdown

I would like to thank parents and carers for your ongoing support in ensuring your child continues to attend Bradfields Academy and that they are adhering to the Covid-19 safety procedures within the academy.

The Prime Minister announced on Saturday 31st October that England will be going into a second national lockdown which will begin on Thursday 5th November and end on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 with the aim of reducing the spread of Covid-19.  There are some significant changes to the approach to this second lockdown.  The main change is that all schools and educational provisions will be remaining open.  This means that all children and young people should continue to attend the academy as normal.

In order to continue to keep everyone safe during this difficult period, we will be implementing further Covid-19 secure measures from Thursday to ensure all students and staff are kept as safe as possible.

What additional measures are being put in place to keep everyone safe?

Offsite trips and visits

We will be restricting offsite trips and visits to only allow visits which involve being in the open air, away from large crowds and where the students are engaging in exercise or community work.

Face Coverings

All staff and students will be required to wear a face covering when moving around the academy through communal areas such as corridors and when meeting as a community.  Staff and students will remove face coverings when in classrooms. Students are expected to look after their own face coverings and follow government guidance on wearing their face covering.  Whenever a student takes off their face covering it must be safely put away or disposed of in a lidded bin.

The following children and young people will not be expected to wear face coverings:

  • Children under the age of 11 (According to Public Health England guidance)
  • Children and young people, who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • Children and young people who may find the wearing of or removal of face coverings causes severe distress.

Work experience

Where possible work experience placements will continue.  When an individual work placement cannot go ahead students will be directed to remain at home and complete work related studies. These students will be informed individually if this is the case for their placement.


We plan to keep breakfast and any after-school clubs operating throughout Term 2.  If this needs to change then you will be informed.

Safety on Site

We will continue to require all parents and carers to only attend the academy if it is necessary to attend a pre-arranged meeting or to drop off and collect your child at the start and end of the day.  Please wherever possible remain in your cars and send your children out to line up at the start of the day.  If you do leave your car please ensure you are wearing a face covering.

Social distancing and one way systems will remain in place across the academy site.  Students will continue to eat their lunches within their class groups to avoid mixing in larger groupings within the lunch halls.  We will continue to ensure the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene are maintained throughout the academy with regular cleaning of all spaces and equipment throughout the day.  All staff and students will continue to practice regular hand washing and use of sanitiser throughout the day.  Students will wash or sanitise their hands each time they enter and leave a classroom, enter and leave the building and before and after break and lunchtime.

My child is clinically extremely vulnerable, should they still attend?

The government guidance on ‘shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19’ was updated on the 28th October 2020.  The guidance is for everyone who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable.  It aims to strike a better balance between providing practical steps to help keep you safe while reducing some of the potentially harmful impacts on mental and social wellbeing that were associated with previous strict shielding.  It sets out the steps clinically extremely vulnerable people can take to protect themselves at each local COVID alert level.  The guidance states that there is no need to shield during the second lockdown period, unless you receive a new letter informing you to do so.  Shielding will only be reintroduced in the very worst affected local areas and for a limited period of time.

Everyone should continue to go to work, school, college or university but aim to follow the advice within the guidance on how to keep yourself and your child safe.

Children should only stay off school if:

  • they have been advised to by a doctor – this only applies to a small number of children who are under paediatric or other specialist care and have been advised by their GP or clinician not to attend an education setting during this second lockdown period.
  • you get a letter advising your child to shield

We, therefore, expect all children and young people to continue to attend the academy throughout Term 2.

What should I do if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell or if they are displaying any of the following Covid-19 symptoms:

  • High Temperature - This means feeling hot to touch on your child’s chest or back.
  • A New Continuous Cough - This means coughing a lot for more than an hour or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24hours.
  • A loss or change to your child’s Sense of Smell or Taste - This means your child has noticed that they cannot smell or taste anything or that things taste differently from normal.


Please contact the academy to inform us. Get a test for your child and anyone else showing symptoms within your household. Book your test here:  or call 119.  Self-isolate the whole household while you wait for the test results.  If the result is positive continue to isolate for a total of 14 days since the symptoms began. INFORM the ACADEMY immediately about the TEST RESULT.


What are we allowed /not allowed to do during this second lockdown period?

From Thursday new lockdown rules will apply across the whole of England. The graphic on the left shows what you can and can’t do.   People will be told to stay at home except for education, work (if it can't be done from home), exercise and recreation, medical reasons, shopping for food and other essentials, or to care for others.

All pubs and restaurants will close (takeaways and deliveries can continue) and all non-essential shops will close. Households will not be allowed to mix with others indoors, or in private gardens.

Individuals can meet one person from outside their household in an outside public space and support bubbles for people who live alone and households made up of single parents and children can continue to support each other. Children will be able to move between homes if their parents are separated.  Outdoor exercise and recreation will be allowed, but gyms will have to close

After 2 December, different regions will return to the tiers system, depending upon the rates of infection.

We are waiting on additional advice from the Department of Education.  We will continue to keep parents/carers updated should there be any further changes needed to keep our community safe. Thank you for your ongoing support during these difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Miss M Sweetlove