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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy


  • Bradfields Academy is aspirational and ambitious for all its students. As the students progress through Early Years, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 they all have the chance, as appropriate, to access and be successful in a range of nationally accredited examination courses.

Artwork depicting a student holding a spray can.  Art models of the letters L O V E, arranged with L and O sitting on top of V and E.

  • The curriculum delivered at Bradfields is similar to that of any primary/secondary school/academy with the exception that class groups are smaller and the curriculum is differentiated to meet the particular and special needs of the students. In addition, the PSHCE & Citizenship Course includes developing social and emotional skills (SEAL – Social Emotional Aspects of Learning & EI – Emotional Intelligence) and independent learning and living skills with opportunities for practice in a real-life setting, through Work Related Learning and placements.
  • In addition, the emphasis being placed on developing a sense of Britishness and ensuring steps are taken to prevent radicalisation are now implicit in our curriculum.
  • In addition, there is significant community engagement for students in : Land Studies (KS4 & KS5)  and sport and recreational club links (KS4 & KS5).  A range of subjects are offered as Option choices for students in KS4 and Sixth Form, further detail of which may be found in the booklets linked below:
  1. Primary Curriculum Booklet
  2. Birch Curriculum Booklet
  3. Oak Curriculum Booklet
  4. Sixth Form A Group Curriculum Booklet
  5. Sixth Form B & C Groups Curriculum Booklet
  6. Year 14 Curriculum Booklet
  • The emphasis throughout the whole curriculum coverage from EYFS to KS5 is to achieve the principles of 'every child matters' and successfully prepare all students for independent living, local community engagement, continued learning, access to recreational opportunity and workplace employment.

The ‘Bradfields Curriculum’ is based around 3 themes:

  1. Developing academic potential and the ability of students to transfer those skills to everyday life and work situations. This will include increased access to externally accredited courses on-site in KS4 & 5 and off-site at local schools and colleges.   
  2. Developing social and emotional skills and levels of emotional intelligence to enable students to present and conduct themselves with confidence and independence in a range of ‘real-life’ situations. This will include targeted learning of social skills to develop the student as a more confident and positively engaging member of their family, academy and local community.
  3. Developing an understanding and awareness of recreational and work-related settings and providing learning opportunities for engagement in both. This will include teaching: the skills for working life; the value of continued learning; the skills for independent and group/family living; the opportunities for engaging in sporting, recreational, artistic, musical, daily travel and adventurous travel ‘real-life’ opportunities in the South East of England and beyond.

In addition within the KS5 provision at Bradfields the curriculum is being continually developed to provide a real-life context to the academic and social development of each academy student to successfully prepare them for independent living, local community engagement, continued learning, access to recreational opportunity and workplace employment.

Our curriculum model is totally committed to the principles of the former ‘Getting a Life’ Government Initiative for students and young adults with learning disabilities.

Students will be able to transfer out of Bradfields to full-time vocational courses or work-placed careers when appropriate opportunities have been identified and secured.  As is the case for the former student from the Blue Zone in the photo above.

 The emphasis being on

‘Excellence & Enjoyment’

Extending use of Pupil Premium to aid Curriculum Provision

We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to spend the Pupil Premium. We welcome suggestions from parents, carers, staff and students themselves.

We are currently looking into the following areas:

  • Setting up a lending library of equipment to make home learning more accessible to all.
  • Further developing our resource of careers material for Key Stage 4 and 5 students.
  • Repeating some of the recreational activities following requests from parents and carers so as to further enhance student social and emotional skills.  For example, where the funding has been used to allow students to access Extended Day Activities the parents and carers have been able to see an improvement in their social interactions, their collaborative working, and their communication. These skills are then transferable into the classroom to improve their learning experiences.