Exam Results

Our examination results continue to show that irrespective of need and diagnosis, all students, when provided with appropriate support and challenge can achieve accreditation. Furthermore, we are evidencing increasing numbers of students achieving qualifications, in certain subjects, that are in line with those achieved by their peers in mainstream settings.

You can compare school and collage performances on the Government service website: https://www.gov.uk/school-performance-tables

To find out specific information about our own performance measures, you can view this here: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/140701/bradfields-academy

Key Stage 2

Due to our students’ complex needs and diagnoses at Key Stage 2, students are often pre-verbal and working below the expected standard. As such the Key Stage 2 SATS are not achievable for them. This leads to those students being dis-applied from the process and a teacher assessed grade being made.

Key Stage 2 Performance Measures for Academic Year 2022-2023

iASEND Statements

The percentage (%) represents the number of iASEND statements students met by the end of the year.  Bradfields Academy Primary Community started using iASEND in January 2023, so these Year 6 students were only on it for 7 months.

To give further insight, the expected percentage progress over a year for children on the Key Stage 1 curriculum is 7% and for Key Stage 2 is 10%.

SubjectAverage Percentage (%) Progress in Year 6


Percentage of pupils who achieved at least the expected standard or higher in reading, writing and maths

Bradfields students within the Primary provision all have an EHCP for the diagnosis of autism. This impacts their learning and their communication, which means that none of the students are expected to achieve the nationally expected standard in reading writing and maths. All Primary students were dis-applied from the national testing.

Average ‘scaled scores’ in reading and maths

This data is unavailable as students were dis-applied from the national testing.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Performance Measures for Academic Year 2022-2023

Progress 8 Score & Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate (EBacc)

Due to their diagnoses and needs the vast majority of students will not contribute to the Progress 8 score nor the EBacc score. This does not mean that students are not progressing, in fact most make greater than expected progress. Many students were not able to take the assessments at the end of their Key Stage 2 and whilst they have gone on to achieve elements that count towards the Progress 8 score a reliable calculation is not possible.

Attainment in English and maths – percentage of pupils achieving a grade 5 or above in GCSE English and maths

The Attainment indicator is calculated for a grade 5 in BOTH English and maths GCSE

No students have achieved a grade 5 or above in both subjects, however from their starting points no student was expected to gain a 5 or above in either English or maths.

Attainment 8 score

Attainment 8 is calculated as part of Progress 8. It is Progress 8 – the expected Attainment generated from Key Stage 2 SATS.

As the majority of students are dis-applied from Kay Stage 2 SATS we cannot calculate a reliable Progress 8 score and therefore cannot calculate Attainment 8.

Pupil destinations – percentage of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4: 100%

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

Key Stage 4 Performance Measures for Academic Year 2018 - 2023

Level 2 & GCSE Courses343435202336
Non-GSCE Level 1 Courses443911412922
Entry Level362371260297243179


Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 Performance Measures for Academic Year 2022 - 2023

Progress and Attainment Points/Grade Tables

Progress and Attainment Progress – Key Stage 5 – 2023.pdf

Please note that this is a large file, so you will need to zoom in to see the full detail.


Year Group

Number of Students


Number of Students


Number of Students


1231 (94% retention)37 (97% retention)33 (94% retention)
1329 (94% retention)30 (97% retention)37 (100% retention)
1424 (80% retention)28 (97% retention)26 (87% retention)




Number of Students


Number of Students


Number of Students


Independent Provision (ISP)222
Supported Internship6127
Other Sixth Form (relocation)001
Social Care/Supported Living/Medical Support131


Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.


Key Stage 5 Performance Measures for Academic Year 2018 - 2023

Level 3010232
Level 2 & GCSE Courses757972485544
Non-GCSE Level 1 Courses230169108115122110
Entry Level15075136162147114


All Results

All Exam Results for Academic Years: 2018 - 2023

Level 3 Courses010232
Level 2 & GCSE Courses109113107687880
Non-GCSE Level 1 Courses274208119156151132
Entry Level512446396459390293


Subject Exam Results

English and Drama

English & Drama Results
Level 31
Level 231
Level 10
Entry Level 326
Entry Level 27
Entry Level 10



Maths Results
Level 30
Level 22
Level 126
Entry Level 30
Entry Level 29
Entry Level 111

Science & Land Studies

Science & Land Studies Results
Level 30
Level 20
Level 17
Entry Level 316
Entry Level 211
Entry Level 10


Computing Results
Level 30
Level 26
Level 17
Entry Level 337
Entry Level 29
Entry Level 10
Total 59

Humanities, MFL & RE

Humanities, MFL & RE Results
Level 30
Level 222
Level 19
Entry Level 317
Entry Level 218
Entry Level 10
Total 66


PE Results
Level 31
Level 24
Level 142
Entry Level 313
Entry Level 210
Entry Level 10

PSHE, Life Skills & Health & Social Care

PSHCE, Life Skills and Health & Social Care Results
Level 30
Level 20
Level 11
Entry Level 316
Entry Level 224
Entry Level 10


Technology Results
Level 30
Level 211
Level 121
Entry Level 30
Entry Level 20
Entry Level 10

The Arts

The Arts Results
Level 30
Level 22
Level 13
Entry Level 326
Entry Level 24
Entry Level 10

Quality Review & Development Report Summary:

Examination Boards state clear and unequivocal positive remarks about systems of assessment, recording, reporting, validation and secure processes.

EDEXCEL’s Report during the academic year clearly cites:

  • A robust, consistent and transparent approach to verification and the management of external assessment.
  • All quality processes are in place and effective.
  • The assessment processes are appropriate and operational throughout the organisation.
  • Learners are recruited with integrity onto appropriate programmes that will : (a) meet their needs (b) enable and facilitate learning and achievement (c) enable progression.
  • The Quality Nominee [VP(C&QS)] continues to demand the highest aspirations of Quality assurance. This demand is met by excellent and dedicated staff.
  • It is always very pleasing to attend this centre.

Statements about our results

What impresses me the most of all is the variety of experiences in the arts the young people have journeyed through. In each case the work has been undertaken with real energy and spirit of enquiry.

Charles Savage [Arts Award Moderator]

ICT is entrenched in all working practices and as a special school the use of technology permeates every aspect of education. This is an e-mature school.

Brendan Walsh [NAACE ICT Assessor]

Congratulations on taking your young people through Arts Explore. We are looking to create new resources for advisers who are working with young people with learning difficulties, or who have limited communication and would like to use your model of ‘assessment through student profiles’.

Catherine Price [Education Support Officer, Arts Programmes]

‘It is … interesting to see the learner involvement in evidencing and their motivation and pride to achieve the criterion required for the qualification within their working methods’.

Miss Bridge – Edexcel

‘An exemplary set of candidates work, a pleasure to moderate. Thank you for your prompt submission’.


‘This was a fascinating project which clearly developed from the candidate’s personal interest in gaming. The candidate should be congratulated on producing a successful project’.

Olivia Dean Arts Award

‘Well done on supporting 4 young people to achieve Bronze Arts Award. Assessment was clear and accurate’.

Olivia Dean Arts Award

‘Congratulations on supporting ……. Through her Silver Arts Award. Clearly set out portfolio accurately assessed’.

Olivia Dean Arts Award

‘This was a successful submission of CoPE candidates to be certificated at level 1. The portfolios were organised and presented well with a good variety of suitable supporting evidence placed with the mandatory paperwork. Congratulations to the candidates and to the staff’.

Darren Hughes ASDAN

‘The moderation was successful and all of the candidates will be certificated. This was the centre’s first submission and congratulations are due to all concerned. The candidates had plainly been well supported, both to contribute to the success of the event and in producing their portfolios’.

Mike Davis ASDAN Community Volunteering Award

‘This is an excellent centre. All candidates were well prepared for moderation. They were very enthusiastic, well behaved and disciplined during all Adventurous Activites, Gymnastics, Exercises and Team Competitions. Students were able to evaluate their own performance.’

David Griffiths Healthly Living & Fitness WJEC

‘Particular good practice included the extensive use of photographs to provide a record of the learners’ practical ability.’

Dr W. Green Land Studies Verification