International Day of Charity

For International Day of Charity, we want to say a massive thank you to the Bradfields Academy community, who have raised £1,500+ for multiple charities in 2022-2023!

And that’s not all…


Enterprise Success

We also wanted to showcase the brilliant work of the Bradfields Academy Enterprise Group!
The Enterprise Group is an opportunity for students to gain Work Skills who are not able to go off-site for Work Experience!
This year, they have worked with the History and Geography Departments to hold a Chinese New Year Event, where the Enterprise students created gifts for the visiting classes and ran different stalls at the event, which was very successful.
The students worked hard making and selling cakes, biscuits and hot chocolate each week during lunch break times. Students improved their numeracy skills and went from being reluctant to offering to deal with the taking of the money at the sales and counting the takings and the float money afterwards. They raised a total of £174.29, and the money raised was used to buy a chest freezer.
They went on to sell ice creams to raise funds for the PTFA, and raised raised £236 at the King’s Coronation event. The takings for selling ice creams this term was £570.82, plus the amount raised at the coronation event, making an overall total of £806.82.
All of the students have continued to make items to sell at our tabletop sales and the total raised is £320.35. It has been great to see them all grow and progress.
All of the above help our students in some way, from being able to be creative, to providing the opportunity to gain practical experience with money and customer service skills.