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Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils Award?

'Investors in Pupils' is an award rewarding good practice in involving pupils in their own education.  'Investors in Pupils' can empower all students, increase motivation and contribute to raising standards throughout Key Stages.

Investors in Pupil Logo, featuring blue and red figures, with Investors In Pupils written underneath.

The programme is designed to provide all students with the opportunity to take responsibility for, and participate in their own education, whist appreciating the resources available to support their learning.

Some Key Facts

  • Students understand how their academy works.
  • Students have become more involved in their own education.
  • Students have started to take responsibility for more aspects of their academy life.
  • Students recognise the people who support them in their learning.

IiP supports our students in making rules and in setting targets for their class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of relationships and teamwork ; and, the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education.

The Investors in Pupils Award is based on four principles:

  • Commitment, Review, Action and Improvement

 These are evidenced through five key areas:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Our Classroom
  • Induction

Examples of IiP boards and their content

Individual Target Setting

Tutor Group Induction Booklets

Tutor Group

Vision Statements

Students throughout the academy have regularly reviewed individual targets for their personal development linked to SEAL.

Investors in Pupils board, depicting a dartboard and darts.

Each Tutor Group has made an Induction Booklet to help new students and staff understand what happens in the academy day and the Tutor Group. Included in the booklet is information about the group, the jobs of responsibility held and the weekly routines.Investors in Pupils board depicting where the induction booklets are placed on the wall display.

Students wrote Vision Statements summarising the Tutor Group ethos and covering 5 key themes of ‘Investors in Pupils’.

They are displayed in the Tutor Room.Investors in Pupils board depicting hands and the class vision statements.


Tutor Group


The Academy Curriculum Committee invited members of staff to a short interview to find out about their jobs. The focus was on the skills that they bring to the Academy community.

Investors in Pupils board depicting staff interviews, with both images and text describing the interviews.

Each tutor group have been working hard to achieve their whole group target.

This has enabled students understand what is needed to improve and take responsibility for their progress.

Investors in Pupils board depicting group targets set by the form group.


The Business Manager showed the students in assembly a presentation about the Academy Budget. She explained where the money came from and how it is spent. Students learnt the cost of resources they use every day to enable them to appreciate how lucky they are.

Investors in Pupils board depicting research by students on the academy budget.

Investors in Pupils

"Our class have enjoyed doing Investors in Pupils because you get a choice of target and you move up the board step by step.  We choose and cut out our targets and put them on the board.  We get certificates when we reach our goals.  We designed our own board with ladders going up so you can see the progress.  Progress can be linked to merits.  We have learned about what governors do and who can be a governor.  Three of the class are prefects and chose what they wanted to be responsible for.  One member of the class is a Academy Council representative and we look at the minutes of their meetings in Tutor time.  We made our own vision statement against the Investors in Pupils criteria.  We have learnt about the other jobs people have in school." (Student comments)

‘Everyone works together here as a team. At the end of the day we’re here because we love our jobs and we love our kids’ (Teaching Assistant)

Bradfields Academy Council

Since September 2015, student representatives have been elected by the student body to sit on the Student Council.

From September 2019, the Student Council has been divided into Key Stage Committees - KS2/3, KS4, KS5.  These committees discuss ideas and issues raised by the students.  Suggested actions and discussions from these meetings are then taken to the Full Student Council meeting which has representatives from all Key Stages and Communities.

Every form has an elected representative on the Student Council and each Key Stage has up to three representatives on the Academy Student Council (elected from each Key Stage Community Student Council).

The aim of the Academy Council is to enable all students to have their voice and opinions heard.  It promotes democracy through student consultation and responses.  It also promotes the valuable skills of listening, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation.

‘Students have realised they have a voice and influence the way the academy is run. We actually listen to them’ (Vice-Chair, Academy Governing Body)

Investors in Pupils Assessment - Quotes from the Assessor's Report

"From touring the academy it was evident that students were fully engaged in their learning providing testament to the Academy’s belief that giving students a voice results in a positive environment for teaching and learning."

"The positive behaviour modelled by adults, along with high expectations of students, co-operative spirit, consistent reward schemes between teaching and support staff and clear understanding of sanctions throughout the academy provides an infrastructure that reinforces and underpins high levels of good and exemplary behaviour. It was a pleasure to encounter such polite, confident, articulate and happy children."

Our last validation in 2018 saw Bradfields Academy achieve the 'Proficient' category of the IiP Quality Mark which remains valid until July 2020.