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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Academy Trustees

Members of Fortis Trust 

Name Member

Peter Martin

Signatory to the Memorandum and chair of Trustees/Directors

Mark Gedye

Vice Chair of Trustees/Directors

Nick Pearson  
Chris Williams  


Role   Additional Roles

Chair of Trustees:

Peter Martin

Safeguarding Trustee


Heath and Safety Trustee

Vice Chair:

Mark Gedye

SEND Trustee

Arts Trustee

Well-Being Trustee

Clerk: Emma Chamberlain  
Principal: Marie Sweetlove  

Community Trustee

(Chair of Student Needs and Curriculum Committee):

Marian Wheeler

Training and Development Trustee

Community Trustee

(Chair of Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee):

Paul Coyne  
Staff Trustee:



Staff Trustee: Vacancy  
Parent Trustee: Vacancy


Parent Trustee: Vacancy  

Community Trustee:


Community Trustee: Gill Williams

School Council Liaison Trustee


Careers and Education Guidance Trustee

Co-Opted Trustee: Matthew Hull  
Co-Opted Trustee: Patrick Drumm RRSA Trustee

For details on how to contact the Chair, please click here

For Trustees who have served at any point over the past 12 months

Full Name

Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Appointed by

Peter Martin

18.02.14 - 17.02.22


(Renewed at November 2017 meeting).

4 years

Board of Trustees

Enid Endersby

18.02.14 - 17.09.20

(Renewed at November 2017).

6 Years 7 months Board of Trustees
Mark Gedye

07.09.15 - 06.09.23

(Renewed at September 2019 meeting).

4 years Board of Trustees
Jonathan Hughes

14.11.16 - 02.09.20

(Renewed at September 2019 meeting).

3 years 10 months Staff
Marie Sweetlove 01.09.17 - As long as in post Principal
Gillian Williams

10.07.17 - 09.07.21

4 years Board of Trustees
Mark Waite

12.11.18 - 20.12.19

1 year 1 month

Board of Trustees
Paul Coyne 29.04.19 - 28.04.23 4 years Board of Trustees
Marian Wheeler 29.04.19 - 28.04.23 4 years Board of Trustees
Jakob Seger 14.10.19 - 28.12.19 2 months Board of Trustees
Matthew Hull 27.04.20 - 26.04.24 4 years Board of Trustees
Jacqueline Tallett 27.04.20 - 14.09.20 4 months Board of Trustees
Patrick Drumm 27.04.20 - 26.04.24 4 years Board of Trustees