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Bradfields Academy

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The Maths department consists of:

  • Entry Level Mathematics
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • Functional Skills Mathematics
  • Business Studies Level 1
  • Managing Personal Finance Level 1
  • Employability
  • Young Enterprise
  • Mathematical Awards at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2

Bradfields Academy Mathematics Department is committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all its students, so that they develop the ability to use numeracy skills effectively in all areas of the curriculum and to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life. We aim to develop the numeracy and mathematical competence of our students through the teaching of number skills, algebraic skills, data analysis skills and knowledge of geometry & measure. We aim to provide challenge to all students, at all levels, to raise achievement at all key stages.A student's work of a Venn diagram.

The Math’s team believe that being numerate is essential for students to prepare them for adult life. Numeracy is a proficiency that is developed mainly in mathematics but also in other subjects. It is more than an ability to do basic arithmetic. Numeracy involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires understanding of the number system, a knowledge of mathematical techniques, and an inclination and ability to solve mathematical problems in a wide range of contexts. Numeracy also demands understanding of the ways in which data are gathered by counting and measuring, and presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.

The Maths Department provide a vibrant, positive environment where all students are given the belief and the opportunity to achieve their full potential through high quality learning experiences and outstanding levels of support. A slight gender gap has previously been identified with boys outperforming girls by a small margin. As such, this has become a focus and the gender gap has been significantly closed. The long term aim is for the gap to be completely eradicated.

The curriculum is highly engaging, varied and enjoyable.  Assessment of learning happens regularly and consistently throughout the Department. There is a clear shared vision. The team adopt a consistent positive approach and are passionate in their belief in a student’s ability to work with increasing independence.

Numeracy skills can be consolidated and enhanced when students have opportunities to apply them across the curriculum. Thus, improving these skills has become a whole academy initiative.

 A student using maths tools for their sums.Provision for developing numeracy through other subjects has been developed and the weekly Numeracy Focus is embedded throughout the academy. The Department also place an emphasis on student’s learning their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.



Business Studies, Employability and Managing Personal Finance

In addition to the mathematics curriculum the above subjects also fall under the Maths Department umbrella. The skills required to achieve success in Managing Personal Finance are: Understanding sources of income and expenditure, balancing income and expenditure, ways to reduce expenditure, understanding products offered by Banks and Building Societies, advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money. The skills required to achieve success in Business Studies and Young Enterprise are, an understanding of Marketing and Enterprise, Business and People, production, finance and the external business environment. Understanding the skills and requirements of running a successful business and a sound knowledge of good customer service. The skills required to achieve success in the Award in Employability are: learning through work experience, tackling problems at work and working collaboratively with others.    

Maths Workshop

The Department run a Maths Workshop for parents/carers once a fortnight which focuses on demonstrating how maths is taught at Bradfields. The workshop is informal and a resource pack is provided for all who attend. The Department are very aware of the importance of Home/Academy Partnerships and offer an open door policy.

 Parents/Carers with a student, working on Maths problems.

Home Learning

A valuable resource available to students is the IXL Maths Software package. The Department are actively encouraging students to use the package as part of their Home Learning. For students studying courses at KS4 and 5 home learning is set once a week and is based on the topic being covered at the time. Academy Home Learning booklets covering key skills across all areas of the curriculum are provided for all students in order for parents to support their child at home.  Home learning is meaningful and should last between 20 to 30 minutes. Elements of functional maths (Maths for Life) are included where possible. Home learning is an important part of the learning process and parents/carers are encouraged to support their children whenever possible.

Click here to access the IXL Maths software.

Basic Skills Quality Mark

As a result of our subject development work in Maths we were accredited by The Basic Skills Agency in July 2018 as providing a high standard of Maths (and English) at Bradfields.

 The Basic Skills Quality Mark.

This is the 5th time we have been accredited for our Basic Skills Quality Mark.