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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Medical & Welfare Support

Medical & Welfare Support at Bradfields Academy

The medical room provides :

a) Medical & Welfare support for students with additional needs to enable them to access the curriculum.

b) First Aid for any minor cuts, grazes and other injuries sustained during the day.

 In the event that your child has to receive First Aid or other similar care then they will be given a Green Medical Note to take home, informing parents/carers of any support provided by the Medical Team.

In the medical room we:

  • Support students with medical conditions, such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and ADHD.
  • Support students with physical impairments and hearing and visual impairments.
  • Support students with personal care needs such as, assisting with eating, drinking, washing,   dressing, menstruation and toileting.
  • Administer prescribed medication including   epipens, asthma relievers, buccolam and a variety of ADHD medication
  • Provide First Aid.
  • Provide Personal Care.
  • Care for students who become ill during the academy day.
  • Work closely with the NHS Trust school nurse, advisory teacher for visual impairment and the advisory teacher for hearing impairment.

Where a student has complex medical needs the medical team will devise a health care plan and personal care plan in co-operation with the student, parent/carer and other professionals.  This will be reviewed and updated as and when required to meet the students medical needs.

All medicines must be in the original container (including Asthma Relievers) as dispensed by a pharmacist and must include  the following information :

  • Name of child
  • Name of Medicine
  • Prescribed dose      
  • Method of administration
  • Time/frequency of administration
  • Expiry date
  • Any side effects

Medicines not presented properly cannot be accepted.

We are unable to make changes to dosage on parental/carers instructions.

We cannot administer non-prescription medicines.

We cannot administer Aspirin or medicines containing Ibuprofen to students unless prescribed by a doctor.

We can administer Paracetamol and Paracetamol Suspension (Calpol) with prior written consent.

Medicines cannot be administered without written consent from parents/carers. Consent forms can be obtained from reception or from the website.

The following facilities are also available to students in the Medical Room :

  • Accessible toilets, hoist and changing facilities
  • Shower facilities
  • Personal care provisions
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Lost property
  • Bed with privacy screen

The Medical Room bed. The Medical Room toilet. A hoist in the Medical Room.

For further information please call 01634 683990 or email: