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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Reminders and Key Updates

14 February 2020
Dear Parents/Carers
Thank you for your ongoing support over the last term.  As we look forward to the start of Term 4 I wanted to provide you with some reminders and key updates.


Please can I remind you of Bradfields Academy’s expectations for Key Stage 1-4 (Year R – Year 11) uniform:

Key Stage 1 - 4 (Years R - 11) Uniform

Navy blue sweatshirt with academy logo
White polo shirt with academy logo
Black or charcoal grey trousers (black or charcoal grey tailored shorts acceptable in the summer)
All Black shoes (no coloured flashes or logos)

Girls: Navy blue sweatshirt with academy logo
White polo shirt with academy logo
Navy blue, knee length skirt
Navy or black trousers in winter
Black/navy tights
White socks
Blue check summer dress optional
All Black, flat-heeled shoes (no coloured flashes or logos)
All students will require the following for PE:
  Royal blue t-shirt with academy logo
Navy shorts / skirt
White socks
Plimsolls or trainers
Navy or Black tracksuit
Please note: Please ensure that plimsolls/trainers do not have black soles as these mark the gymnasium floor
Academy uniform embroidered with the academy logo is available from School Time, 23 Railway Street, Chatham ME4 4HU. Telephone 01634 831684

Sixth-Form dress code

When Students transition into Sixth Form they are no longer required to wear uniform; although we recognise that some students may prefer to continue to do so because of their sensory needs. Sixth Form students are expected to adhere to the following dress code:

Girls’ dress code
A formal, tailored style suit with formal tailored skirt, trousers or dress in a plain fabric, in black, blue, grey or navy.

Boys’ dress code
A formal, tailored suit in black, blue, grey or navy. Jacket and trousers must match. A formal, tailored shirt, which should be tucked in.


As part of the PE and PSHCE curriculum together with the multicultural community we live in, it is a requirement for students to experience and learn about different cultures and diversities. Bradfields Academy is proud to be a multicultural and diverse academy with a tolerant and inclusive atmosphere that we foster every day to ensure all our students are well rounded young people.

We would appreciate your supporting the academy by talking to your child at home about the use of derogatory and racist language so that these words are not used as part of students everyday language. We categorically condemn slavery, racism and homophobic comments of any kind whether historic or present. These words are offensive and the use of these in the academy could lead to serious consequences for the students. Bradfields Academy has a longstanding commitment to equality and we would appreciate you supporting at home to build the importance of a more inclusive society.


All students at all times are expected to follow the 5 main BATL (Behaviour and Attitude to Learning) targets:

  • Be punctual and ready to learn
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Be a good speaker and listener
  • Be willing to take part and achieve
  • Be respectful of each other

Please encourage your child to be familiar with these expectations.

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable half term break and look forward to seeing all the students return next term. Please don’t forget that Term 4 begins on Monday 24th February and ends on Friday 3rd April 2020.

Yours sincerely

Miss M Sweetlove