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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy


Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during the national crisis. These are difficult times for all. We do appreciate the kind words of support we have received from our parents and carers.

Each day we are receiving new and updated guidance from the Department for Education. The update issued on the evening of the 19th March outlines that:

‘Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. There is no requirement for parents and carers to send their children to school if they do not need or wish to do so, the provision is there to support those parents and carers who want their children to attend or are key workers and require the support'.

As such we are happy for you to make the decision to not send your child into the academy. If you are choosing to do this please let us know. Your child’s attendance record will not be affected by this and you will not be issued fines for non-attendance. As before, we will fully support you in whatever decision you make. If you do choose to keep your child at home and your child normally receives Free School Meals, we are happy to continue to provide meals to your child. These will be delivered to your home. Please indicate on the survey if you would us to provide these for you.

The DFE guidance can be found here:

Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers - Published 19 March 2020

As you are aware as part of the National call to action all Key Workers are being asked to step up to support the country. The Government has issued the following guidance around who is considered to be a Key Worker at this time. This guidance can be found via the link below:
Guidance for schools, colleges and local authorities on maintaining educational provision -Published 19 March 2020

If you are a Key Worker, your children are still entitled to access education. As such all schools in Medway and Kent will be providing an opportunity for you to send your children into school to access a ‘reduced provision’ which may include alternative curriculums and adapted timetables. As detailed in the guidance above, should your child’s school not be able to provide this you are able to contact Medway LA to request alternative provision is made.

To help Bradfields in our planning, please could all parents complete and return the survey, attached below by 9am Tuesday 24th March to This will help us to know how many children we will be supporting so that we can continue to provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum for those who will still be attending the academy.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

Ms M Sweetlove