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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Children and Young People Currently Shielding

Dear Parents/Carers,

I trust that you and your family are well and coping during these very difficult times.  I am sure you have seen the most recent Government guidance on ‘shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19’ which states that from the 1st August, the government will pause shielding unless the transmission of COVID-19 in the community starts to rise significantly. The latest guidance can be found here:

Guidance On Shielding and Protecting Extremely Vulnerable Persons from Covid-19

Specialists in paediatric medicine have reviewed the evidence on the level of risk posed to children and young people from COVID-19. The latest evidence indicates that the risk of serious illness for most children and young people is low.

Children and young people who are currently shielding

Children and young people who are currently shielding and are normally cared for just by their GP are very unlikely to need to continue to shield in the future. This includes children with conditions including asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and kidney disease. A small group of children who receive specialist care in hospitals may still be considered clinically extremely vulnerable following a consultation with their doctor. This includes those receiving cancer care or those at risk of severe infection due to an immunodeficiency. All children and young people currently identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, and advised to shield, should continue to do so until 31 July, when the government will pause shielding for everyone.

All decisions on whether children and young people should be removed from the shielded patient list (and therefore will not be advised to shield again in future if transmission starts to increase significantly) should be based on a consultation with your paediatric specialist or your GP who will be best placed to determine the most appropriate care. Your paediatric specialist or your GP will be in touch over the summer to have these discussions.

Return to the academy

We are pleased that the government’s intention is that all children who are currently shielding should be able to return to the Academy in September for the start of the new academic year. As you are aware we have adhered to all Covid guidance within the academy, and will continue to do so in September. We will publish next week our approach to our September return and the further measures we will be implementing to ensure we continue to be COVID-secure.

Should you be contacted by your child’s paediatric specialist or your GP over the summer and the decision is made that they need to continue shielding in September. Please can you inform the academy immediately either by calling the Academy office on 01634 683990 or emailing

I look forward to welcoming your child back to Bradfields.  

Kind Regards,

Marie Sweetlove