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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Final Reminders Before the Term Begins

25th August 2020

Dear Parents & Carers,

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to Bradfields in September. As we are now reaching the end of the summer holidays, I wanted to write to provide some final reminders before the term begins.

Safety in the Academy
In line with the current government guidance, we will be asking staff and students to do the following to stay safe and reduce risk:
1. Washing hands or using hand sanitiser throughout the academy day, e.g. upon arriving, as they enter each classroom, before and after eating, at the end of the day, etc.
2. Within classrooms sanitisation kits will be used to ensure all resources, and surfaces are wiped down after each use.
3. Follow one way systems and signage as well as keeping to the left in single file in corridors to ensure minimum usage of corridors and reduced movement around the academy.
4. Stay within allocated Year group/Key Stage bubble groups.
5. Follow staff instructions at all times.
6. The government has advised that face coverings do not need to be worn by students or staff while within the academy, unless they are unable to socially distance or there is a local outbreak. Therefore, we are happy for students and staff to wear face coverings should they choose to. They must ensure they wear and dispose of these correctly. Reusable masks should be placed into a plastic bag after use and returned home in their school bag. The new guidance on the wearing of face masks in schools from the DfE - published on the 26th August can be found here:

Government Advice on Face-Coverings in Education

Each day our cleaning team will also be ensuring the building is thoroughly cleaned throughout the academy day, and at the end of the day to ensure it is safe to return and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

Transport to the academy
SEN Transport is arranged by Medway Local Authority. Students who have been allocated Transport by Medway will be travelling into the academy with students who will also be in the same year groups/Key Stages at the Academy to ensure different groups of students do not mix. If you have not applied or need to reapply for this academic year, an online application can be made here: Should you have any questions or queries please contact:
Medway SEN Transport: 01634 306000 Ext. 1055
Rainham Coaches: 01634 852020

What will the lunch arrangements be?
As we are not able to have large groups of children mixing in the lunch hall, for Term 1 we will initially be providing packed lunches instead of hot dinners for school meals. This will allow the majority of students to eat lunch in their classrooms which will help to support students in distancing from other community groups. If you would like your son or daughter to have a school packed lunch please book and pay for lunches via the SchoolGateway App. Those who receive Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch. We will review the lunch situation at the end of Term 1.

Making payments for lunches and trips
To support with health and safety, we will no longer be accepting ‘cash’ payments. All payments for school dinners or trips need to be made via the SchoolGateway App. For further information, please contact the academy office on 01634 683 990 or email:

Home Academy Agreement
Please ensure you and your child have read and signed the Home Academy Agreement and have either returned it by post or your child can bring it into the academy with them on their first day back. It is important that these are returned so that we can ensure a strong partnership between home and the academy. Additional copies can be requested from the Academy office.

What day will my child return?
In order to support the transition of new students into the academy and settle children who have the most complex needs we will be welcoming students back across two days. Please see below for the detail of when your child will start back at the academy:

Wednesday 2nd September Start: 10am Finish 2:15PM
All Primary students Mrs Pieslak’s class (Nurture) Mrs Donoghue’s class
New Year 7 students Miss Cook’s class Mrs Brook’s class
All Year 12 students Miss Theodosi’s class Miss King’s class
All Year 10 students Mrs Titmuss’s class class Mrs Horton’s class
Miss McCormick’s class Mr Tullett’s class (Therapeutic)  


Thursday 3rd September: Start: 8:50am   Finish 2:15PM
All other students to return

Friday 4th September: Start: 8:50am   Finish 2:15PM
All students to be in the academy

All students will then continue the term on a full time basis from Monday 7th September at the normal start time of 8:50am and finish time of 3:15pm.

What equipment will my child need to have with them?
We are still not able to allow students to access shared facilities such as water fountains and basic resources such as stationery as these pose an increased risk of cross-contamination, if students were to share resources. We would, therefore, request that parents provide the following for their child ready for September:

  1. A full water bottle each day, plus a spare drink if needed. Please ensure these are clearly labelled with their name.
  2. A pencil case with two writing pens, two pencils, a rubber, colouring pencils, a ruler, and a sharpener. Please ensure this is clearly labelled with their name.
  3. Trainers only to be provided for PE. For Term 1 only, students will undertake PE in their academy uniforms, changing from school shoes into trainers only.
  4. An outdoor coat suitable for all weathers. We will be outside for break, lunchtimes and some lessons. Please ensure your child’s coat is waterproof.
  5. Students will only be able to bring 1 bag into the academy. Please ensure their bag can carry all of the above equipment.
  6. Where possible students should leave valuables and electronics at home. Unless needed, for example on the journey to and from the academy. They will be expected to hand these into their tutor when they arrive and will collect them from their tutor at the end of the day. We will not be sanitising students’ personal electronic equipment.
  7. All students will be expected to return to the academy in full uniform. Please ensure their uniforms are washed regularly.
  8. Students in the Sixth Form will be expected to wear smart business attire, but are excused from wearing suit jackets and blazers during this period. If cold, they can wear smart jumpers over their business wear. Please also ensure they have a suitable coat. No Hoodies will be allowed.

Students will be provided with a student planner when they return in September. Please ensure your child has this with them each day.

We look forward to welcoming all students back to the academy.

Yours sincerely

Marie Sweetlove