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National Online Safety - Squid Game

Netflix’s Squid Game is set to become the streaming service’s most successful show of all time, with huge numbers of viewers taking to social media to discuss each new episode.

Squid Game’s popularity is beginning to spread across various online platforms with memes, apps and more showing the violence of the show.

It is important for parents, carers and educators to understand the basis of Squid Game and the potential risks to young people who might be exposed to it.

There have been reports of children who have accounts on these platforms viewing scenes from the programme, and parents and carers should be mindful that their child could be at risk of being exposed to this material.

The popularity of the programme has also led to online challenges based on various scenes, which see people taking part in seemingly innocent children’s games, however, there are videos 'acting out' and replicating the violent scenes from the games.

Squid Game Challenge (also known as K-Game Challenge) is an app on both Android and iOs, with iTunes rating the app as 12+  Android rating it 3+.  This means that very young children might be able to download and play the game even with parental controls activated.

Due to pop-ups, there is also a risk of unwanted purchases or accidental visits to inappropriate sites beyond the app.

As a parent or carer, keep a watchful eye on the content that your children are viewing. Speak to them openly and chat about how they have been spending time on their devices; let them ask questions, too. 

Ensure that the parental controls are activated on your child’s device and that age-restricted child profiles are properly set up with any on-demand services available through the family TV (such as Netflix, in this case) to prevent inappropriate content from being streamed.

If you see your child replicating the challenges from the show or hear them talking about scenes and characters from Squid Game, it would be a timely opportunity to discuss with them that the programme is not intended for children, that much of the content would be inappropriate for their age, and that the violence in the series is very realistic and often upsetting.

For the full information from National Online Safety, please visit the following link: