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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Virtual Work Experience and Work Experience Enterprise Group

Virtual Work Experience

Some of the on-site Work Experience students were given an opportunity to join a Virtual Work Experience run in conjunction with ThinkForward and Multiplex, a leading global construction company. The sessions were run weekly over 6 weeks and then the students presented their own designs using the information that they had learnt. The course covered a variety of topics ranging from Community, Design and Engineering, to Safety and the Environment. The students would participate in the 1 hour virtual session and then spend the rest of the day consolidating what they had learnt and then started to think about their own building project. The students were able to design their own house in any way that they wished and some students used Minecraft, others Lego and some stayed with floor plan designs.

At the end of the program each student presented what they had created and outlined what they had learnt, enjoyed and found challenging to the staff at Multiplex and ThinkForward and other students participating in the sessions.

The students did amazingly well and this was mentioned in an email to Bradfields staff where they said ‘We were all blown away by their creations during the final session: the presentations had great insights about what the students found difficult, what they most enjoyed and what they learnt.’

Well done to all the students and staff who joined in the Virtual Construction sessions.

Work Experience Enterprise Group

As we reported in the last newsletter we have been working towards setting up a Bradfields Enterprise Venture with 6th Form students who are unable to secure an off-site placement. Up until Christmas, the students were creating products, with the support and guidance of staff, which they had intended to sell to the public at Christmas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2 planned Christmas Sales were not able to go ahead so we sold to the students on site in the last week of term. In this way, we were able to sell some of the products that the students had worked hard to create. As a group, we also designed, created and sold Calendars via the school gateway which worked well, though we do still have a few spare if you need one!

The students are now thinking about what they could create and hopefully we will be able to support them in creating a number of small enterprise projects, focusing on the students’ interests and skills.