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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Letter to Schools/Academies from Tracey Crouch MP

We were delighted to receive a lovely letter from our local MP Tracey Crouch, in which she thanks all educational-based staff within her constituency.

The letter reads:

"Dear Ms Sweetlove

As the school year nears its end, I wanted to write and thank you, your senior team, the teachers and non­teaching staff for all they have done to support young (and sometimes vulnerable) people educated within my constituency. 

Although Covid has not gone away and continues to provide you with challenges each day, I am sure you are looking forward to breathing a sigh of relief that this school year has been so very different to the previous two. I wanted to take this opportunity to not only express my gratitude for what you do, an occupation I would be the first to say I could not do and don't know how you do it, but also just to note a few things that I hope will be helpful in advance of next year. 

The first is to say that I know your school offices/pastoral teams do a phenomenal job trying to support children and parents with many non-education related challenges such as benefits, housing, immigration and so on. I, and my office, are here to help with this. It is what we do day in and day out and with the worst of the cost-of-living crisis yet to come, please do feel free to signpost people to me. We are happy to provide assistance to anyone in any circumstance. 

The second is to say do use us as part of your learning. Many do and I am always thrilled to receive and read letters from primary children as part of their persuasive writing work, do assemblies or come speak to secondary classes about careers or politics in general. It is my pleasure to represent everyone, regardless of age, and I love to hear the views of the littlest to the oldest person in school.

I hope you enjoy your summer break. Our recesses are co-terminus with yours so if like me you are crawling like a zombie to the end of term, we are a mere few days away...

Best wishes

Tracey Crouch MP