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Dear Parents/Carers

September 2018 : Transportation

Bradfields Academy is aware of the significant impact that the changes in Medway’s Transport Policy will have on families, and it recognises that one of these impacts will be the increased volume of private cars that will be arriving at the academy in the mornings and afternoons.  These changes have been as sudden for the academy as they have been for families and until the entire appeals process has run its course it will be difficult to predict the full extent of the impact.  We are certain, however, that the physical layout of the site and Churchill Avenue will not be changing and therefore the new arrangements will not be easy to accommodate.

The academy has already discussed a plan that would involve minibuses dropping off at the Upper Site and private cars dropping off at the Lower Site.  Unfortunately due to the expected high volume of private cars, this will be a drop off only and staff will be ready to collect students and take them into the academy.  We will marshal and direct the traffic in the first week to achieve this and assess and develop the system to make it as smooth as possible.  In order to help plan and manage the situation we would be very grateful if you can let us know how your child will be getting to and from the academy when they start on Tuesday 4th September.

Please either notify us by academy e-mail: or via text message 01634540072 or message the Schoolgateway app by Wednesday 22nd August 2018.

Please state: 1) Your child’s name 2) method of transport for getting to and from the academy: Medway arranged transport, taxi, private car, public transport, walk, cycle.

3) Let us know if you would like your child’s name to go on the breakfast club list as part of your response.

We realise that this will not be an easy time but ask parents/carers to be patient and calm when accessing the site and follow the direction of the staff present to ensure the safety of all the students.  We will work with you to come up with the best solution as we recognise that having to drop students outside of the academy gates would not be ideal.

Please ensure you make suitable drop off arrangements (from 8.40am – 08.50am) and pick up arrangements (3.15pm – 3.30pm) both at the Lower Site.

Thank you for your solution focused approach in suggesting that the academy puts in place additional after hours provision.  We have explored all possibilities for extending this however, due to the short notice that Medway have given us, we will only be able to provide our current programme of breakfast, lunch time and after hours clubs that will commence week beginning Monday 17th September.  (Note Breakfast Club will start Tuesday 4th September currently from 08.00am – 08.40am which is £2 per session, numbers will be limited).  List of available clubs will be on the academy website from Monday 3rd September.  I’m sure that you recognise, as we do, our staff’s ongoing commitment to the children through the running of extra-curricular activities, performances and events.

Thank you for your support regarding this matter, we will update you as we get more information from Medway.  In the meantime please continue to contact Medway regarding any transport issues and we look forward to your child starting in September maintaining excellent rates of attendance for the academic year.

Yours sincerely

Miss M Sweetlove