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Parents & Carers Questionnaire Feedback

16 December 2019

Dear Parents & Carers
Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to complete our recent Parents & Carers Questionnaire which explored your child’s experience of Bradfields. We had an excellent response, with 113 completed questionnaires returned and very positive feedback throughout.

We have read and analysed the data and comments which you made and will do our best to address any concerns raised. Parents who raised personal queries related to their own children have been contacted and any concerns alleviated or resolved.

The overwhelming majority of parents identified that their child was very happy at Bradfields and are fully supported at Bradfields. Other key strengths identified were that:

  • students have become more confident since being at Bradfields
  • students feel safe at Bradfields Academy
  • students are encouraged to become more independent
  • students needs are supported well
  • students are taught well
  • students have made friends with other children

Most parents also strongly believe that:

  • student behaviour and attitudes to learning at Bradfields are outstanding
  • all students make excellent progress with their learning compared with where they were on entry
  • students flourish because they are extremely well looked after in a nurturing and enabling environment
  • the academy's Leadership & Management should be commended and that the leadership & management teams are always working to continue to make the academy even more successful
  • parents and carers are enabled to become active participants in their children's education, feel welcomed and enjoy getting involved/visiting academy activities and events
  • they are informed about how well their child is doing for example through grade sheets, review days and annual review meetings
  • if there is a problem at Bradfields they feel confident about making contact
  • when they have a query, Bradfields staff will try to answer it as soon as possible
  • Bradfields staff seeks the views of parents and carers and acts upon the replies.

I would like to share with you the following sample of positive comments made by
parents and carers:

‘My child is very happy and settled at Bradfields. He has made great progress since starting there and I am really pleased with how well he is doing’ Year 13 parent

’I have nothing but praise for the continued hard work and dedication shown by all the staff, even out of hours’ Year 12 Parent

‘I am always impressed with Bradfields Academy, every child is valued and their individual needs are met. Fantastic teaching staff. Contactable, approachable and they listen. Excellent. My child loves school’ Year 10 Parent

‘My child seems to be really enjoying his time in year 7 at Bradfields. Which I feel is a result from great leadership and a great team of teachers at Bradfields. Thank you’ Year 7 Parent

‘The teachers are fantastic, I have no worries with sending my child to school’ Year 2 Parent

We are grateful to all our parents and carers for their support and ongoing partnership. Thank you once again for such positive feedback, the only areas that parents raised as queries were:

  1. Confirmation about what to do should you not be able to attend your annual review meetings
  2. Reassurance that should any bullying occur it would be addressed swiftly.

Please see responses to these requests below:

Annual Reviews
Should you not be able to attend an Annual Review meeting please contact the academy as soon as possible on 01634 683 990 to rearrange. Please note that as reviews are often attended by professionals outside of Bradfields such as representatives from the Local Authority it is not always possible to confirm a change of date immediately.

I’d like to reassure all parents and carers that we aim to create a learning environment where all students feel safe, cared for and free of oppression so they can grow and thrive as happy, thoughtful and responsible individuals in our academy and the wider community.

We recognise that from time to time some students may have difficulty with their social skills and not be able to display socially acceptable behaviours. Where this occurs we aim to ensure that such behaviour does not lead to bullying. We do not see bullying as acceptable or having a place in our academy’s daily life. We will work tirelessly to remove such actions from student behaviour and replace it by developing their resilience and positive self-esteem. We have committed to an Anti-Bullying Pledge, see attached which outlines the work we do to support all students within the academy to prevent bullying. Further to this we have in place an Anti-Bullying policy which outlines what actions will be taken should bullying occur. This can be accessed via the academy website.

I would like to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing support and for taking the time to provide us with such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thank you also for your support with the Christmas activities throughout the end of this term.

I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing the students return on the 6th January 2020.

Yours faithfully

Marie Sweetlove


Bradfields Academy is an inclusive academy that embraces the right of all students to be valued for who they are and be given the opportunity to thrive as a person in their own right. Fundamental to this is to be free from oppression and bullying.

As an academy we recognise that bullying can happen and if it does there can be impact on individual’s sense of well-being and their ability to perform to their potential. We will work with students, staff, and families to help make them AWARE of the definition of bullying and the impact it has on people.

As an academy community we PLEDGE to tackle all types of bullying. As an academy we will work with students through Tutorial SEAL sessions, PSHCE & Citizenship and all subjects to EMBED the promotion of happiness and well-being. Where appropriate this work will be extended into the family.

As an academy we will work to CREATE a culture of mutual respect between staff, students, and families. We will ensure that our staff are equipped with the knowledge and strategies to tackle bullying and educate students appropriately to take their place as responsible citizens in society.

As an academy we recognise the value of teaching students how to be happy, safe, and considerate. We COMMIT to educating students on the benefit of such qualities.