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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Academy Aims

Bradfields Academy aims to be a leading centre of excellence in the Special Education Sector where students can thrive and fully develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in order to take a full, active and responsible role in their local community and beyond as Global Citizens and Ambassadors for students with disabilities.

In order to achieve this the staff and governors aim :

  • To provide the highest standards of teaching and learning;
  • To have high expectations of student work and behaviour;
  • To develop self-motivation through praise;
  • To develop the confidence to be curious, imaginative and take calculated risks;
  • To develop personal rights respecting views and responsibility through opportunity and modelling;
  • To develop a sense of personal pride and self-worth that can be sustained with increasing confidence;
  • To develop and maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle;
  • To develop academic potential and the ability of students to transfer those skills to everyday life and work situations;
  • To develop positive social and emotional skills and levels of emotional intelligence as an integral part of the learning process;
  • To develop recreational and work-related skills that are sustainable beyond life at our Academy;
  • To guide and prepare students for each new phase of their life;
  • To give each student the opportunity to participate equitably in every aspect of academy life;
  • To ensure that opportunities for inclusion within the local community are a right for every student;
  • To develop a sense of understanding of being a citizen of the United Kingdom; and, ensure each student understands British values, traditions and culture;
  • To develop a sense of understanding of being a Global Citizen;
  • To make all students, parents/carers, staff, governors and other professionals attached to the academy feel they have a voice and a view that is valued;
  • To ensure that the physical and learning resources are of a high standard for all students and staff;
  • To identify, access and implement the intellectual and practical benefits of Professional Learning [INSET & CPD] to advance the quality of education offered and increase the professional advancement of all staff;
  • To play a lead role in action research projects with particular reference to :  complex learning difficulties and disabilities ; teaching strategies ; and, leadership and management;
  • To support other schools/academies in developing accessibility and inclusive practices; and,
  • To create a happy, safe and supportive working environment.

Teaching & Learning Values

The staff and governors of Bradfields Academy believe it is important that teaching and learning:

  • Is of a high standard
  • Uses a variety of methods and approaches
  • Is monitored regularly
  • Takes place throughout the whole academy day
  • Is sharply focused and includes on-going assessment
  • Is stimulating and interesting
  • Gives access to a range of age-appropriate learning opportunities
  • Is relevant to the needs of each student
  • Links student learning to real world examples and applications
  • Recognises and promotes achievements in all areas
  • Promotes positive learning behaviour and supports it being sustained
  • Is well planned and recorded
  • Demonstrates high expectations of the students
  • Is supported by appropriate levels of learning resources and access to developing technologies
  • Is accredited to ensure external value, credibility and transferability
  • Conforms to statute and academy policy
  • Is supported by quality on-going Professional Learning [INSET & CPD].