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Careers Education – Pathways2Employment

Bradfields Academy aims to deliver high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to young people with special educational needs, in a meaningful and appropriate way, according to individual needs and circumstances.

Our vision is to increase the possibility and probability of our students finding and maintaining, quality, paid employment in later life.

A copy of the Career Policy that identifies the Academies Vision Aims and Purpose along with students entitlement can be found on our Policies page.

"I like going on the bus and learning new routes''

''I've learnt how to cook and look after myself in the real world"

Former Bradfields Students

Meet the Team

Liz Halton

Liz Halton (second from the right) is one of the Vice Principals at Bradfields Academy and is the Careers Lead.  She has responsibility for delivering the careers programme at the academy.  She is qualified in Careers Leadership and has been striving to provide the best careers education, advice and guidance for the students; and ensures that as an academy we meet all Gatsby Benchmarks.  She passionately believes that every young person in Medway deserves the right to find meaningful paid employment and to feel needed within their communities.  She works with employers in the local area pushing forward this message for young people with neurodiversity to be given the opportunity to show what they are capable of in the workforce.

Angie Gillett – Employer Engagement Officer

Tina Lee – Transition Co-ordinator

Jacky Moran – Independent Careers Advisor

For any queries please email or call 01634 683990.

All students have an Education, Health and Care Plan [EHCP] review meeting each year.  As part of this, future plans around education, careers, independence and aspirations for adult life are discussed, identifying an appropriate level for the individual student in question and guiding them towards pathways to achieve their future ambitions.  Through the academy’s person-centred approach to planning, students are able to articulate their dreams and aspirations for their futures and adult life. 

Insert short video clip of students aspirations include primary pine and maple

In order to support students to achieve their aspirations, Bradfields Academy, in partnership with local businesses career education providers and the Kent and Medway Careers Hub, an innovative and robust careers programme, Pathways2employment which consists of the following elements:

  1. Life Skills and Employability lessons to support students to identify their skills, interests and talents, including CV writing, interview techniques and applications.
  2. Work-Related Learning opportunities offering meaningful vocational experiences on-site delivered through dedicated career focus days.
  3. Both on and off-site experiences of workplace settings supported by local businesses and charities, suitable to an individual student’s needs and capabilities.
  4. Support from Bradfields and external agencies, with job coaching and planning the next steps after leaving the academy.
  5. Regular encounters with employers and employees from all walks of life.
  6. Independent and impartial careers interviews.
  7. Financial literacy and budgeting, where appropriate for students.
  8. Curriculum learning that links every subject to possible career opportunities.
  9. A dedicated Student Transition Coordinator who runs all our Annual Reviews and helps advise students and parents on future options available to them.

Full details of the careers programme for each individual Key Stage can be found in the Academy Careers Programme

Information on how external education and training providers can gain access to Bradfields’ students can be found in the Provider Access Policy

All strands of the programme are designed to increase the possibility and probability of paid employment for our students.  By engaging with local business of all sizes, charitable organisations, human resource departments and families, the young people at Bradfields academy have a real chance of achieving their dreams. 

However, many employers are reluctant to take on someone with a learning difficulty because they do not know enough about the benefits of employing someone with special needs, or how to get the right support for them. 

Bradfields Academy has a successful track record of supporting businesses and can provide training and support to those who would be willing to support our young people into employment.  The businesses, which have supported our students on Work-Based Experiences or have employed them to be part of their workforce, have said that they make highly valued employees.

Insert testimonial clip from employers

We believe more employers should be encouraged to support people with a learning disability.  If you are a local business and would like to support our careers programme either by offering a work based experience or simply talking to the studnets about what you do, please contact our Employer Engagement Officer, Angela Gillet

Curriculum Pathways

Year 9 students decide on their options in the spring term prior to starting Year 10.  Students along with their parents and carers, are provided with support and guidance to help ensure choices made support their future career ambitions and aspirations.

The range of these 2-year courses can be found in the Key Stage 4 curriculum section of our website, located here.

Year 11 students decide on their options for Post 16 in the spring prior to starting Year 12.  At this stage, they will join one of two pathways.  If students are considering further education when they leave the academy, and there is a realistic possibility that they will be able to go into a course that is of a higher level than they are currently studying at Bradfields, then they will be placed on a learning pathway which will give them more choices of academic subjects to follow.  If students know that they want to go into employment or it is felt that it is unrealistic to be going on to further education then they will have a place on the employability pathway. Details of the options available for these two pathways can be found within in the Key Stage 5 A and B/C Curriculum Booklets, which are available here: Curriculum Booklets

The Year 14 curriculum has been developed to further build on achievements in Years 12 and 13, and also offers courses which improve a student’s employability and core skills for life. Courses include supported life skills for young adults such as Travel Training and community volunteering.

For the last 5 years, Bradfields Academy has been recognised for successfully supporting students in further or higher education, employment or training.  With only 1 NEET (students who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training) in the past 5 years, we are very proud of our success.

"Students have secured and sustained meaningful placements at college, in education or within the world of work over the last 10 years when they have left the school. The school’s success in this area is significantly above that found nationally. Students’ success in their future lives is a mark of the superb support they have received during their time at Bradfields Academy."

OFSTED Inspection - 2017

Options Post Bradfields

Our students successfully transition to a range of different destinations post Bradfields. Some of our more popular destinations are detailed below:

  • Forward2Employment Supported Internship
  • Directly into Paid Employment
  • Traineeship or Apprenticeships (external training provider)
  • MidKent College (Maidstone or Medway Campus)
  • North Kent College Gravesend or Dartford Campus
  • West Kent College Tonbridge Campus
  • Canterbury College
  • Hadlow College
  • Supajam – A specialist music college in Swanley

Supported Internships

Supported Internships via Forward2Employment, Fortis Trust's own Specialist Post 16 institution, are designed for young people with learning disabilities and/or Autism who want to get a job.

A supported internship is a full-time educational programme that will:

  • Help you get a job
  • Help you get work-based qualifications
  • Help with maths and English, so you can use them in real life

80% of the learning will be on the job with one of our partner businesses fully supported by an individual job coach to do a real job role.  The rest of the time is used to improve maths, English, employability skills and improving a student’s independence skills.  Supported internships are all about working towards gaining paid employment.

If you are aged 19 to 25 and have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) you are eligible to apply for a supported internship place with Forward2Employment.  The course is free and does not affect any benefit entitlements. Additional funding may also be available such as a student bursary.   Other supported internship schemes are available for students aged 16 – 25 who have an EHCP. 

Should you be interested in applying for a supported internship place with Forward2Employment please contact Elizabeth Halton at

More details about Forward2Employment can be found here:

Fortis Trust Careers Hub

Fortis Trust opened its new Careers Hub, based at Bradfields Academy, on Thursday 13th February 2020.  This Career Hub resource will be opened for students with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and is a dedicated space where students and their families can get up-to-date career education, information and advice and career guidance.  On hand within the hub are trained career advisors, an intensive Job Coach and staff who can support with work experience, along with a wide range of resources.

More details about Fortis Trust can be found at:

“The new Careers Hub will be a centre of excellence providing a place for the children and families at Bradfields Academy and children with SEND at other local schools to access information, advice and careers guidance helping them to make informed decisions about their future educational journeys and become work-ready”

Marie Sweetlove, Principal of Bradfields Academy and CEO of Fortis Trust

Award Updates

Community Education Awards 

2019 - Inspiring Career Opportunity Award: Highly commended for our ‘Careers Focus Days’ 

2020 - Accredited as "committed to work towards meeting the Quality in Careers Standard incorporating the Gatsby Benchmarks" for the national quality award for our careers education, information, advice and guidance provision.

We are continuing to work on achieving the full Quality Mark

External Information: Local and Country-wide Careers Advice

Top 10 Jobs in Medway 

Below is a graphic that details the labour market in Medway.  We have briefly explained what is shown on the graphic.

Largest Occupations

The first part of this poster shows the 10 industries in Medway that employ the largest number of people.  The figure in white is the number employed in 2021 and the pink number is the number of people employed in that area of work in 2018.  From this, you can see that most people in Medway work in sales and retail.

Highest Paying Occupations

This is the 10 occupations in Medway that pay the most amount per hour.  Advertising and Public relation Directors being the highest paid jobs in Medway

Fastest Growing Occupations

This shows which industries are growing the most in Medway and therefore where there are likely to be more job vacancies.  We can see that Accountants have grown by 30% followed by bus and coach drivers and then plumbers.  The area that has the slowest growth rate is cleaners and domestic work is the UK’s leading careers and educational information and development website.

To find out more about what they offer, please visit their website: