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English & Drama

English & Drama

Wordless Wednesdays - Every two weeks this term, we will be providing students with 4 images which they can choose from to create a verbal or written story.  There are different ways you can incorporate the initiative that includes:

  1. Showing the picture to your child and talking to them about it, allowing them to describe what they see (who, what and where), using the most colourful adjectives verbally to develop the description in a fun and creative manner.
  2. Encouraging your child to write stories based upon the picture/photos independently. With the best stories being awarded in celebration assemblies in the next academic year.

Please e-mail any entries to

This week's images are:




GCSE English Questions

Each week, we will be providing GCSE English students with fiction and non-fiction questions to answer.  All work can be emailed to Mr Garbutt via

Please click the PDF below to view the questions.  Please note, this PDF will be updated when each question is published.

Download GCSE English Questions PDF (Updated 29/06/2020)

Picture News: How Can One Person Make a Difference? - Questions, Reflections and Challenges - Click on the links below for the resources:

Amazon Audio Books - - Amazon Audio Books have made many of their books free for children to listen to.

British Council - - Resources for English language learning.

Oxford Owl for Home - - Lots of free resources for Primary age.

Teach Your Monster to Read - - series of games which helps children to master the key first stages of reading.

David Walliams Audio Books - - David Walliams will be releasing daily audio books of his short stories, from his book ‘The World's Worst Children’.

Phonics Play‚Äč - Fun, interactive phonic phase focused games.

Login: March20

Password: home

Greg James & Chris Smith: Kid Normal - - The two authors have released the audiobook version of their first book, Kid Normal, for free on Audible.

The National Theatre - The National Theatre - The National Theatre are streaming some of their top shows live every Thursday for the next few weeks.

Royal Shakespeare Company - A catalogue of games, images, videos and galleries arranged by play title where you can find out more about a play or revise one you know well.

Englicious - - Englicious is an entirely free online library of original English language teaching resources