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English & Drama


At KS3, our students follow the former National Curriculum topics for English in conjuncture with developing their core reading, writing skills and speaking and listening skills. The work is differentiated to suit individual needs and is designed to stretch students and add breadth and depth to their knowledge of the subject.  Throughout the year we focus on a wide variety of literature from the English traditional heritage as well as a range of diverse poems, prose and plays linked to a variety of cultures and major festivals.  There is a strong emphasis on reading for pleasure which we aim to foster in KS3 as improved reading supports our students in their studies in all subject areas.

At KS4, students study a range of different qualifications aimed at developing a progressive route through their school career.  We study a range of courses from Entry Level 1 up to Entry Level 3 for the WJEC Additional English Award.  We study a range of levels (from Entry Level 1 to Level 2) for the OCR Functional Skills English Award as well as GCSE English Language on the Eduqas(WJEC) specification.  We tailor the course content to suit our students’ needs and interests and give them the opportunity to enjoy a range of English and Media studies for a broad and exciting engagement with the subject.

At KS5, we continue the progressive route through qualifications that begins in KS4.  Students will have the opportunity to progress from their KS4 success with an emphasis on creating and ethos of achievement and enabling our students to gain the qualification necessary to progress further in life as well as developing core English skills that are so vital for their individual progression.  As well as the WJEC Additional English qualification, the OCR Functional Skills qualification and the AQA English Language GCSE; we also offer the opportunity to study the AQA English Literature GCSE and A Level English Literature Award.


KS3 drama involves a variety of games, activities and role playing to engage students and encourage active participation. We look to be totally inclusive in our chosen tasks and role plays and there is a strong emphasis on student-led scenarios and ideas for characters. It is a very creative subject and one that gives many opportunities to develop progressively and individually.

At KS4, we offer a course within the WJEC exam board’s Creative Pathways scheme. This allows students to achieve an Entry Level 2 or 3 qualification for Drama but also allows for the possibility to combine their Drama units with another creative subject area to achieve a higher qualification.  We focus on body language, use of voice and group performance.

Functional Skills

Functional English is designed to prepare young people for the reading and writing requirements of life as an independent adult. KS4 and KS5 study this subject and, from September 2014, all of our students will be using the OCR exam board which offers on-demand, controlled task assessments in class. The achievements of KS4 will be carried in to KS5, allowing students to continue to work towards a higher grade.  As with English, we offer from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 in this subject and, due to the on-demand nature of the course, students can work at their own rate and be assessed when they are ready.

Exam Results

Entry Level English
  Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3 Total
2015 2 5 16 23
2016 1 13 16 28
2017 0 16 22 38
2018 25 85 53 163


OCR Functional Skills English
  Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3 Level 1 Reading Level 1 Writing Total
2015 12 20 15 2 2 49
2016 10 20 16 1 1 53
2017 0 3 5 10 8 27
2018* 0 0 0 0 0 0

*No students entered. 


GCSE English Language



  8/9 (A*)    

  7 (A)  

   6 (B)  

   5 (C)   

   4 (D) 

3 (E) 

  2 (F)


2017 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 24 29
2018 0 0 0 0 0 2 15 8 25



GCSE English Literature



8/9 (A*)

 7 (A) 

   6 (B)

  5 (C) 

4 (D)

3 (E)

2 (F)

1 (G)

2017* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2018 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 20 21

*No students entered

Home Learning

Home Learning is differentiated and designed to support students in their lessons by reinforcing key terms and ideas outside of class. Our KS3 English students are set topic-specific home learning packs on a termly basis. All of our other students in English, Drama and Functional Skills are assigned weekly tasks which are closely linked to their particular class study.

Literacy Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to give parents/carers an understanding of the various Literacy topics and themes we teach within our programme of study at Bradfields Academy. You will also create resource packs, which can be shared with your child at home to support with their learning.  Home Learning is an invaluable aspect of the learning process and any support that can be given to our students will be incredibly beneficial to them.

The Literacy Workshop for Parents and Carers will run fortnightly on a Friday starting from 2:10pm until 3:00pm and will be based in G04 at Upper Site.  We will run the workshop on the same weeks as the Numeracy Workshop for continuity. Please report to Reception to sign in for each workshop (no earlier than 2pm please). You will be collected and taken to the classroom.

Basic Skills Quality Mark

As a result of our subject development work in English we were accredited by The Basic Skills Agency in July 2015 as providing a high standard of English (and Maths) at Bradfields.  This is the 4th time we have been accredited for our Basic Skills Quality Mark.  This award was renewed after a successful inspection during Spring 2017 and is a testament to the amazing work being done by staff in the core subjects at Bradfields Academy.

Platinum Literacy Mark

As a result of our work in developing the literacy levels across the academy, partly funded by Pupil Premium and Catch-Up Funding, we were awarded the Platinum Literacy Mark in October 2017.  This award is directly linked to our success with Buster's Book Club and we have collectively reached the 7 million minutes read mark thanks to the wonderful support of parents, carers, students and staff.  This is the second year in a row that Bradfields Academy has won the Platinum Literacy Mark and it is the highest award achievable.


Kent Literacy Award

 This year’s Kent Literacy Award Ceremony was held at Hempstead House Hotel in Sittingbourne on the 21st June 2017 and attended by schools from all over Kent to celebrate the wonderful innovations and initiatives in Literacy being developed daily.  The event involves all types of schools including grammar, primary, secondary and college; each vying for the prestigious awards on the night.  After the success of winning the Most Inclusive School in Kent; Bradfields Academy had an even better year and came away with three awards overall. 

Bradfields had actually been nominated in six categories this year; a big increase from the one award we were nominated for, and won, last year.  There were some wonderful initiatives showcased throughout the evening and the fact that Bradfields Academy won more awards than any other mainstream or grammar; primary of secondary school is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all the staff along with the brilliant enthusiasm for knowledge that makes our students the best in the county.

Our awards this year were -

Best Integration of Buster’s Book Club across a Whole School Award

Best Grammar and Punctuation Initiative - Medway

Best Overall Grammar and Punctuation Initiative - Kent

Developing an enthusiastic and exciting attitude to Literacy has been pivotal to everything that we have done during the last year two years here at Bradfields Academy.  We have introduced a wide range of schemes and employed a varied range of workshops to compliment the literacy focus, activities and curriculum themes that have become embedded into every facet of the academy’s ethos.  Some of our initiatives include: Buster’s Book Club; our new library; Beanstalk Readers; 1-1 Literacy Interventions; Literacy Focus; Story Teller Workshops, Gold Literacy Challenge, Punctuation Pals and our incredibly successful Pop-Up Author Event where, as a way of really encouraging reading; 9 famous children’s authors and illustrators came into Bradfields (including James Mayhew, Angie Morgan & Christopher William Hill) and did a total of 28 different workshops with all our classes.  All of these and many other initiatives are just some of the ways that Bradfields has developed all aspects of literacy across the academy to massive success for our incredible students.