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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Local Offer

  • The Local Offer was first introduced in the Green Paper (March 2011) as a local offer of all services available to support disabled children and children with Additional Educational Needs (which includes Special Educational Needs) and their families within an individual school setting.
  • The Medway framework will allow the Local Offer to provide parents/carers with information about how to access services in their area, and what they can expect from those services. With regard to Education, it will let parents/ carers and young people know how academies/schools and colleges will support them, and what they can expect across the local settings.
  • Fourteen questions will be answered by agencies, academies/schools and colleges to provide information to parents and carers to enable them to make decisions about how to best support their child’s needs.

Bradfields AEN/SEN Local Offer

  • The Academy aims to give every student the opportunity to develop his/her potential to the full. 
  • It recognises that all students have their own particular needs and seeks to ensure that each student is able to learn, experience success and feel valued in an environment free from barriers and prejudice.
  • The Academy is committed to ensuring all students receive their full entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum.

1) How does the setting/academy/school/college know if I need extra help?

  • All students have a statement of SEN or an EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan) which details their learning difficulties and associated complex needs.
  • When students are referred to Bradfields we gather detail to establish the full needs of each individual so we can plan for their arrival.
  • Further assessments will be carried out on arrival to benchmark each student and then plan their progress route.
  • During the induction period we speak with parents/carers and former education settings to establish what has worked /what is working so we can build on this.
  • Students will be referred by their local authority (e.g. Medway and Kent) and their case history will specify the level of support required.

2) How will I know Bradfields Academy will support my child?

  • Academy staff will undertake to deliver quality first teaching monitored by middle and senior leaders as part of the regular review and observation cycle.
  • Occasionally a student may need more expert support form an outside agency such as the Children’s Therapy Team, Paediatrician etc. Referral forms are then completed in conjunction with parents/carers and forwarded to the most appropriate agency. After a series of assessments, a programme of support is usually provided to the school and parents/carers.
  • Please refer to the website Curriculum and Student pages.

3) How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

  • Subject teachers will ensure students with additional needs have their work differentiated in order for them to access the curriculum
  • Work experience placements in Years 12-14 are sourced with students needs in mind, carers will be approached before a placement is confirmed.
  • Decisions regarding which exam level students are put in for are decided upon over a period by teacher assessment.
  • With regards to external and internal examinations students are assessed for appropriate access arrangements. These are put in place before the exams to prepare students in advance.
  • Please refer to the Bradfields Academy website Curriculum and Student pages.

4) How will I know how my child is doing?

and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

  • We will keep you informed through parents’ evening, reports, termly data sheets and tutor keep in touch calls. You are also encouraged to make direct contact with their Tutors and Subject Teachers, should ant issues arise.
  • We offer Family Literacy/Numeracy/ICT/Food Technology Courses to parents/carers.  These help parents/carers to be better equipped to support their child.
  • All students will have a tutor who should be your first point of contact. This can be done by email to the drop box ; by phone call to reception ; and, by putting a message in the Student Planner.
  • Parents/Carers have regular opportunities to discuss progress with their teachers at scheduled events or informally by appointment, telephone or e-mail to reception or drop boxes.
  • Please refer to the Bradfields Academy website Curriculum and Student pages.

5) What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

  • Bradfields Academy is divided into 4 Zones each Zone has an Assistant Principal and Pastoral Manager.  Each Zone is then split into Tutor Groups where the Tutor and link Teaching Assistant are responsible for the day-to-day welfare and well-being of the students.
  • In addition the Therapy and Parent & Carer Partnership Team offer further support.  Please refer to the Bradfields Academy website Medical & Therapy Pages.

6) What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed at or by the Academy?

  • Therapy and Parent & Carer Partnership Team
  • Referrals to Health Services (including Mental Health)
  • Medway Youth Trust (both intensive PA and careers guidance)
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Sensory (hearing and visual) Impaired Team
  • Children’s Services for Social Care
  • Medway Youth Services
  • The Rowans

7) What training have the staff supporting young children had?

  • The staff have experience, skills and understanding of the full range of SEN and each year their training both updates and extends the quality of provision at Bradfields.
  • The 2012, 2013 & 2017 OFSTED Inspection Reports cite the quality and impact of the staff and their expertise.

8) How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

  • We actively seek to ensure that ALL students are included in all activities including trips. All activities outside the classroom are individually risk assessed and where necessary resourced and supported to maximise the engagement in and the impact of the activity on all the young people who are participating. Trips are regularly used as rewards, to enhance social skills or subject knowledge and are seen as a valuable element of the curriculum.

9) How accessible is the School environment?

  • Bradfields is fully DDA compliant and ensures full access to all students and visitors in respect of their presenting needs of disabilities.
  • Bradfields has its 2 Ticks Disability Award (Disability Confidence Award) and Inclusive Schools Quality Mark.  This shows that the Academy has the highest standard of accessibility (in both the physical environment and the academic/pastoral curriculum on offer).
  • Please refer to the Bradfields Academy website Curriculum and Student pages.

10) How will Bradfields Academy prepare and support my child to join the school, transfer to a new school or to the next stage of education?

  • We visit all referring Primary and Secondary Academies/Schools and collect relevant data.
  • A Year 7 transition passport is completed by their prior school and by parents.
  • A transition plan is put in place for all students referred to Bradfields.  This means that a series of Induction Mornings/Afternoons/Days are offered to ensure a smooth entry to our provision.
  • Individual packages are arranged for those who we need further support.
  • A transition plan is put in place for all students leaving for College and/or Work Placements.

11) How are Bradfields’ resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

  • We regularly review and update the academy, groups and individual provision maps which are costed and evaluated for impact and to ensure value for money and the efficient deployment of resources. We implement the referring Local Authority’s Banding System (e.g. Medway’s banding system for ‘E’,’F’ and ‘G’ students).
  • On an annual basis we review each student’s progress and future provision needs to determine whether or not the referring Local Authority needs to increase their funding to support the student’s subsequent year at Bradfields.

12) How is the decision made about how much support my child will receive?

  • A decision about how much support is allocated is dependent on the level of need and the interventions required. This decision is made by the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team at the time of the referral.
  • When we review each student’s progress and future provision needs at their Annual Review (of their SEN Statement or EHCP) we will determine whether or not the referring Local Authority needs to increase their funding to support the student’s subsequent year at Bradfields.

13) How will I be involved in discussions and planning for my child’s education?

  • We aim to develop close and mutual supportive relationships with parent/carers from the point of transition and on an annual basis at their Annual Review (of their SEN Statement or EHCP).
  • There are regular opportunities to engage with Pastoral and Curriculum staff to review progress and set new targets. 
  • Bradfields Academy has a Parent & Carer Partnership Team who can assist with this process. 
  • Bradfields Academy has a Parent & Carer Consultative Group which meets on a regular basis and reviews policy and practice.
  • There is an active PTFA.
  • There are Parent/Carer representatives on the Governing Body.

14) Who can I contact for further information?

  • Please refer to the Bradfields Academy Contact page on the website.

Link to Local Offers provided by Medway LA and Kent LA: