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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Other Contact Information

If you need to contact the academy, please phone: 01634 683990 and follow the instructions.

If you want to email the school, you can use the following email addresses:

1. Principal and General Enquiries (Student Absences & Payments) Messages for Miss Sweetlove (Principal), Mr Waters (Vice-Principal Pastoral) and Admin & Finance Team.

2. Pastoral Enquiries Messages for Yellow Zone (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Ms Bradbrook (Assistant Principal).  Messages for Red Zone (Years 10 and 11) and Mrs Halton (Assistant Principal).  Messages for Green Zone (Year 12, 13 and 14) and Mrs Halton (Assistant Principal).  Messages for Blue Zone (ASD Students in EYFS & Years 1 to 14) and Ms Zarkowska (Assistant Principal).

3. Subject Enquiries  Messages for the Maths Department (All Years) and Mrs Hicks (Subject Leader).  Messages for the English & Drama Department (All Years) and Mr Garbutt (Subject Leader).  Messages for the Humanities, RE & Modern Foreign Languages Department (All Years) and Mrs Hitchings (Subject Leader).  Messages for the ICT Department (All Years) and Mr Maragh (Subject Leader).  Messages for the Technology Department (All Years) and Mr Walker (Subject Leader). Messages for The Arts Department (All Years) and Ms Hall (Subject Leader).  Messages for the Science and Technology Department (All Years) and Mr Biggs (Subject Leader).  Messages for the PSHCE & Citizenship Department (All Years) and Ms Byrne (Subject Leader).  Messages for the PE & Outdoor Adventurous Activities Department (All Years) and Mr Billingham (Subject Leader).

4. Care and Support Enquiries  Messages for the Parent & Carer Partnership Team (All Years) and Mrs McGregor-Davies. Messages for the Medical Team (All Years) and Mrs Pattison. Messages for the SLOTP (Speech, Language, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy) Therapy and Counselling (All Years) and Mrs Stears.

Should you email Bradfields Academy the message will be picked up each morning and should be responded to within 24 hours.