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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

PSHCE & Citizenship

In PSHCE and Citizenship we cover a wide range of topics.

In Citizenship, these include: Law, Crime, Media, Politics, Rights and Responsibilities. Students are encouraged to reflect on how these topics and others relate to their everyday lives. They are encouraged to develop enquiring and questioning minds and to become responsible citizens of the UK. Students are enabled to see the links between their learning and their active citizenship responsibilities. Academy events and charity fundraising are just two areas where active and involved citizenship is evident.

In PSHCE students are helped to develop social and emotional life skills. They are also encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles. Topics covered include Drugs Education, Safety and Financial Awareness.

In Key Stages 4 and 5, students study a range of qualifications. These include the AQA PSE Course, Wider Key Skills, a St John Ambulance First Aid Course and the British Safety Council qualification.

Exam Results

Entry Level PSHCE
  Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3 Total
2016 0 12 15 27
2017 0 9 15 24
2018 3 11 16 30
2019 2 13 13 28


Entry Level Child Care
  EL1 EL2 EL3 Total
2016 1 4 0 5
2017 0 2 0 2
2018* 0 0 0 0
2019* 0 0 0 0

* No students entered.

British Safety Council Entry Level 3 Workplace Hazard Awareness Course
2016 21
2017 19
2018 22
2019 19


ASDAN Skills for Life
  Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3 Total
2018 0 8 8 16
2019 0 40 0 40


ASDAN Volunteering Short Course
Credits Achieved
  1 Credit 2 Credits 3 Credits 4 Credits 5 Credits Total
2018 1 7 6 0 2 16
2019 0 1 2 4 3 10

Home Learning

  • Students are given valuable, challenging and interesting Home Learning in order to further develop their learning and understanding.
  • Home Learning booklets cover key areas and key skills. These should help students with their learning as well as enabling parents to lend a helping hand when needed. These booklets will include tasks such as research, surveys and recording of ideas. Other pieces of Home Learning will also be given to students as well as that contained within the booklets.
  • Home Learning Club is run every week in order to encourage students and to provide guidance when needed.

Rights Respecting School's Award

Bradfields Academy has been involved in achieving the Rights Respecting School's Award across all areas and all departments. Staff, students and governors are involved in the RRSA steering group. All forms have a RRSA Class Charter to which students sign up. The SEAL programme reflects areas of human rights and responsibilities.

The academy has been involved in a considerable range of RRSA activities and events over the past year. These have included a human rights afternoon, the ‘Don’t Hate, educate’ initiative, a Kent Police safety presentation and an academy presentation on voting and the EU Referendum.

The academy’s participation in the Day for Change and the Outright campaign initiatives helped to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF.

The academy is on target to achieve the RRSA ROC (Recognition of Commitment) soon and we hope to then proceed rapidly to the full award.

Unicef Rights Respecting School Logo.