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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Parent & Carer Partnership

Parent & Carer Partnership

Our role within the academy is to assist families, which includes parents/carers /grandparents etc. to overcome additional difficulties. We recognise that caring for a child with a disability is very rewarding but can also lead to additional challenges and increased stress. It can also be very isolating.

We work with a large number of families, some long term and others to assist just short term or with a crisis.

Situations that we have helped with include bereavement, relationship difficulties, debt, housing issues, poor attendance, child protection issues, behavioural difficulties etc.

Ways in which we can support families include but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring that you are in receipt of the appropriate benefits - including DLA. 
  2. Assistance with challenging behaviours. 
  3. Applications to charities. 
  4. Food bank voucher distributor - for those families in crisis who do not have enough food. 
  5. Debt management. 
  6. Support for appropriate housing. 
  7. Referrals for additional support. 
  8. Organise and chair the Common Assessment Framework meetings. 
  9. Attend Child in Need & Child Protection Meetings. 

We have a designated Parent and Carer room and office space.

There are many ways that parents and carers can become involved in the academy and meet others:

  • PTFA
  • Support groups
  • Parent & Carer Forum
  • Subject workshops
  • Parent / Carer & Child learning opportunities

Bradfields Family Room

These groups take place within the Family Room, which is in the Lower Site.  Within the family room is a noticeboard which is kept up to date with relevant information, including courses and outside agency support.

This is used for support groups, parent forums, PTFA, benefit sessions and meetings with families.

At specific times there is a computer, which can be used by families, with support from staff, as well as a small lending library.

If you have any concerns at any time whilst your son / daughter is at Bradfields, please do not hesitate to get in contact on 01634 683990 or email