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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Primary PE Funding Statement

Primary PE Funding

The Department for Education (DfE) provided additional funding for all students in Primary Schools from 2013 onwards.  This is to ensure : all students develop and maintain healthy lifestyles ; improved quality and breath of PE and sport ; improved attainment in PE ; and, increased overall participation rates in PE.

Academy Context

Total number of students eligible for Primary PE funding

2013-14: 21

2014-15: 24

2015-16: 25

2016-17: 23

Amount of PE funding received per student

Schools with 17 or more eligible students receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus £5 per eligible student (since September 2015)

Total amount of Primary PE funding received

2013-14 £7,715 (Oct payment of £4989 and April payment of £2726)

2014-15  £8,100 (Nov payment of £4725 and May payment of £3375)

2015-16 £8,110 (as of March 2016)

2016-17 £8,115

Our Aims:

At Bradfields the PE funding is being used to work towards achieving the following aims:

2016-17 Objectives:

  • To further the engagement in additional Competitions and Sporting events.
  • To further the links with local schools/academies.
  • To further CPD to ensure all Primary PE lessons are Outstanding.

Previously at Bradfields the funding has enabled us to achieve the following aims:


  • To provide swimming lessons to all eligible students.
  • To provide all students opportunities to experience new sporting activities such as Skiing.
  • To provide professional development opportunities in identified areas (including dance).
  • To purchase specialist equipment and teaching resources to develop dance and gymnastics.


  • To continue to provide Swimming lessons, Cycling, Skiing, Martial Arts and Trampolining opportunities.
  • To provide teaching staff opportunities to work alongside specialist coaches and further develop their PE/sport specific knowledge which will enable staff to further develop the range of activities on offer within academy based lessons.
  • To develop and establish links with external local clubs that provide opportunities for students beyond the academy day.
  • To develop links with other schools/academies and provides to increase the opportunities for inter-school/academies PE and Sport competitions.


  • To ensure all students develop and maintain healthy lifestyles
  • To develop and improve the quality and breath of PE and school/academy sport
  • To raise attainment in PE
  • To increase overall participation rates in PE and school/academy sport

Deployment of Funding

To date this funding has been used to provide students in primary with access to swimming, trampolining, Martial Arts and cycling lessons. In addition KS2 students have also accessed Skiing lessons.  New resources have been purchased and staff have accessed specific CPD in order to further raise the quality of teaching and learning in PE lessons, this had led to increased student progression within PE.

Impact of Funding

Please see attached document for specific impact of funding on students confidence, skills and progress within PE.

Future Deployment

We will be exploring opportunities in the following areas:

  • Further the engagement in additional Competitions and Sporting events.
  • Further the links with local schools/academies.
  • Further CPD to ensure all Primary PE lessons are Outstanding.

Primary PE Funding Report 2016-17