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Student Council

Our Student Council have been very busy throughout the year and this has included their work with the International Youth Parliament [a link with schools in Turkey, Finland & Portugal] being recognised by them being awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the House of Commons Speaker’s Awards.

 Speaker's School Council Awards Logo  Bradfields Academy logo, adapted with the bottom roots depicting the flags of multiple nationalities.

Since September 2015 the Student Council reformed so that it now has an ‘Upper & Lower House’ structure.

The ‘Lower House’ Student Council being where each Zone elects a representative from each tutor group and they meet once a term to discuss issues about their own zone and how they would like it to develop further. They can also request that the Assistant Principal for that zone attends so they can be asked questions about the provision and respond to any concerns/requests raised.

Each of the Zones [Green, Red, Yellow, Secondary Blue & Primary Blue] will then elect 2-3 representatives to sit in the ‘Upper House’ Council. Here the students have the opportunity to raise and discuss whole academy issues and represent their own zone’s view on the item. They can also request that that the 2 Vice Principals or myself attend so we can be asked questions about the provision and respond to any concerns/requests raised….. and make a decision with them on any outcomes.

The Student Council Meetings for 2018-19 are:

  • Monday 18th November 2019
  • Monday 13th January 2020
  • Monday 2nd March 2020
  • Monday 11th May 2020
  • Monday 15th June 2020
Yellow Zone Blue Zone Red Zone Green Zone
9.20am 10.10am 11.20am 1.15pm

The Academy Student Council Meetings are:

  • Friday 22nd November 2019
  • Friday 17th January 2020
  • Friday 6th March 2020
  • Friday 15th May 2020
  • Friday 19th June 2020

The meetings begin at 9.20am

The Student Council is made of elected representatives from each Tutor Group from across the whole Academy age range.

These students meet each term to discuss and decide on topics that will have a positive impact on the academy day.  This year this has resulted in: new water fountains being available in and outside of buildings; a new goal area on the Yellow Zone playground; and, a football and basketball cage area on the Red and Green Zone playground.

Each term the council invites the Principal to a meeting where they ask her to explain how the academy is run and enquire as to how they can support her in it being successful. 

Every time a new member of staff is interviewed and appointed a small team from the Student Council are included in the interview.  Bradfields recognises the value of 'student voice' in this process.

In the period 2012-14 the Student Council played a leading part in the Comenius Project 'International Youth Parliament of Change'.  This project also involved the Student Councils from schools in Turkey, Finland and Portugal.

Tracey Crouch MP is a supporter of our Student Council and has been an honorary member since 2012.  Councillor Andrew Mackness is also a supporter of our Student Council and has been an honorary member since June 2017.