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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Student Curriculum Committee

This team of students involves students from Year 7 to Year 14, with a range of abilities and needs. The team have taken a full and active role in working alongside the Vice Principal (Curriculum, Quality & Standards) in influencing and leading on curriculum developments. This year there work has included:

  • Reflecting on the quality of teaching and learning and identifying which subjects/lessons they enjoyed the most and which learning strategies they particularly enjoyed or preferred.  This was shared with teaching staff to inform practice and celebrate success.
  • Identifying whether or not there was a need for Home Learning.  This work included determining : its purpose ; whether it should or shouldn’t be set ; what would be suitable for home learning ; and, what should be the consequences for failing to complete Home Learning (which resulted in a final unanimous vote that home learning should be set by all subjects).  The outcomes from these discussions influenced the decision as to whole school practice for setting Home Learning.
  • Assessing and discussing a wide range of reading books and posing questions to the representatives.  They then fed back their decision to the Head of English with a clear preference for the book series they wanted and also highlighting the need for the resource books so that they had a purpose to the reading.  This has led to the purchase of the books they had identified as being most suitable. These have resulted in the majority of students positively engaging with reading and making good progress with their reading.
  • Giving presentations to staff from our International Partner Schools (as part of a Comenius Project) and to the Investors in Pupils (IiP) assessor. These presentations helped to explain their role and the impact of their work on teaching and learning.

The students involved in this committee have grown in confidence and are working productively as a team. They are now able to articulate their own opinions and justify their decisions.  They have recognised that over the course of this academic year they have positively impacted on whole academy decision-making.