Parent & Carer Partnership

Our role within the academy is to assist all families to overcome additional difficulties. Sometimes the pressures of life can feel unmanageable and we are here to listen and support you.

Over the years, we have worked with a large number of families in different ways. Some families have long term support and others short term or help in a crisis. Situations that we may support with are varied although do include support around benefits, debt, housing, behaviours and food parcels. Support may include home visits, regular phone contact or meetings.

Parent & Carer Survey Results

Each year, Bradfields Academy undertake a Parent & Carer survey. This provides an opportunity for parents to feedback on strengths and areas where further improvement could be made. We had an excellent response, with 90 completed questionnaires returned and very positive feedback throughout. A summary of the results can be accessed by watching our summary report below. There were two areas in which parents and carers wanted further feedback and support. These are detailed in the letter below including any actions that we have taken as a result of the feedback. We would like to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing support and for taking the time to provide us with such overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Bradfields Family Room

We have a designated family room where parents and carers can meet with the Partnership Team. Within this space, we offer support groups, parent coaching programmes and PTFA meetings.

There is also a wealth of information available within this room, showing upcoming family events, support networks and other appropriate information.

If you have any concerns at any time whilst your son/daughter is at Bradfields, please do not hesitate to get in contact on 01634 683990 or email

Family Friendly

At the core of our working practices is the promotion of parental engagement.

In our aims we recognise the need to:
  • Make all parents and carers attached to the academy feel welcome each time they visit.
  • Make all parents and carers attached to the academy feel they have a voice and a view that is valued.
  • Involve all parents and carers in the life of the academy and work in partnership on behalf of their child.
  • Encourage parents and carers to share the responsibility for developing positive learning behaviours in their child.

We see the parents and carers as an important facet of our provision as they are paramount in the academy-home partnership which can support each child to prosper.

To sustain this we believe the following are important;
  • Provision of a Family Room in our Lower Site to host group and individual meetings in a relaxed and private setting.
  • Provision of clear guidance and support re: parenting, financial assistance, legal matters and meeting the challenges of a SEN child.
  • Provision of training in ICT / Literacy / Numeracy to enable home support with child’s learning.
  • Provision of advocacy.

Leading Parent Partnership Award

In 2017 Bradfields was assessed by the LPPA Accreditation Verifier to determine whether we met the ten standards of this award.

As a result of our work in developing a portfolio of evidence, we were successful and have been awarded LPPA for the three year period until 2021. This portfolio is put together with feedback from parents included and supports us in meeting the needs of not only our students but also their families.