Plans in the event of Severe Weather

Plans in the event of severe weather

A Happy New Year to you all. Unfortunately, it would appear that the new-year has greeted our return to the academy with some cold and wintry weather. This seems to have had an impact on some bus routes today.

It seems timely to post detail as to how a closure due to bad weather will be communicated.

If the Senior Leadership of the academy decide to close the academy due to bad weather this will be communicated to parents by:

  • An email from School Comms (Please make sure that your contact details are up to date)
  • A post on the Academy Website
  • Posts on Social Media

We will also inform the transport companies as soon as we possibly can to prevent them attempting to pick up.

In addition, we will report the closure through local radio stations and the Kent School Closures website. These have been somewhat hit and miss in the past so I would recommend verifying it with the above bullet pointed methods.

We will also inform the Trust and a message will go on the Fortis Trust website.

Due to the fact that weather can be very localised within Medway we have had situations where School Transport has been impacted by weather and decided not to run but the academy has opened. Often if individual buses are unable to run then the academy is not informed of this in a timely manner to pass information to parents. If this happens then the driver or travel assistant should be in direct contact with the parents. The academy has no control over this decision and cannot provide alternative means for students to get into the academy, even if there is little snow where you live.