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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy

Research Activity

1. SEND/SLCN Outcome Project

Since October 2015 we have been involved in the SEND/SLCN (Special Educational Needs & Disability/Speech Language and Communication Need) research project with the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists.  This piece of work is funded by the DfE (Department for Education) and supported by NAHT (National Association of Headteachers).  The work involves creating a process by which the impact of Speech & Language Therapy on a child's academic and social progress can be measured.

Bradfields is one of the four pilot schemes and the only Special Academy in England to be involved.

We will update you on our involvement and any outcomes as the project progresses.

The lead on this project is Mr David Waters (Vice Principal).

2. SLCN/UWE Decision Making Project

Since October 2015 we have been involved in the SLCN/UWE (Speech Language and Communication Need) research project with the University of the West of England.  The work involves determining the impact of in Speech & Language Therapy on a child's successful involvement in decision making about their future and any other SLCN support they may be able to receive.

Bradfields is the only Special Academy in England to be involved.

This work is being led by Professor Sue Roulstone.

We are expecting an update on our involvement and any outcomes from this project.

3. National Forum for NeuroScience & Special Education

Since 2013 we have been involved in consideration of the scientific knowledge as held by Neuro-Scientists about how the brain works, particularly in the case of those with Special Educational Needs, and how this can assist practitioners in education to further develop and transform Teaching & Learning.  This piece of work is supported by NAHT (National Association of Headteachers). 

This work involves Mr Kim Johnson (Former Principal: Bradfields Academy) working with Professor Barry Carpenter OBE, Professor Francesca Happé, Rona Tutt OBE and a group of serving Special School Headteachers. 

Refer to NAHT website for further detail.

This work will also be including further research into Autism, particularly for girls.  You may find the links below useful in helping you better understand the condition.


Child Autism UK

About the Forum

Books Beyond Words

Understanding, Emotions and Books Beyond Words

4. Prince's Teaching Institute

During the period 2015-18 Bradfields Academy is working with the Prince’s Teaching Institute to develop research into successful transition from Y6 Primary to Y7 Secondary provision.

The major piece of work in this project requires a ‘Student Passport’ to be developed and trialled to try and ensure the fullest exchange of information from the Y6 Primary Provision, the child and their parent/carer to their new Y7 Secondary Provision [Bradfields Specialist SEN Academy].

This exchange of information will then be evaluated for content and impact in respect of :

  1. Student’s making a successful transition to Secondary
  2. Parents/Carers having a successful transfer engagement with their child’s new provision
  3. New provision staff being in possession of full detail on their new Y7 students and their academic/social history
  4. Excellent working partnership and liaison being furthered between Primary & Secondary transfer partners

The lead on this project is Ms Fi Bradbrook (Assistant Principal) who is developing a document which is completed by feeder primary schools and parents/carers of each child as they transfer from Year 6 to Year 7.  In the year 2015-16 this project is just for those students transferring into the Yellow Zone.  Since July 2016 this project has also included those students transferring into the Blue Zone.

At the end of the academic year 2015-16 the research findings showed that the document had supported an increase in staff knowledge and understanding of the 'whole child' which in turn had resulted in greater success in settling into Bradfields.  The Prince's Teaching Institute commended Bradfields on this piece of work and shared it nationally.

Below is a copy of the 2015-16 Document.

Year 7 Student Passport