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Bradfields Academy

Introducing Schools Officers

Introducing Schools Officers

What are Schools Officers?

Dedicated policing resource designed to support students, teachers, parents and communities in the identification and disruption of criminality and exploitation. This will be through early intervention and safeguarding approaches.

What they will do

  • They will support Schools in delivering diversion and intervention schemes for vulnerable children
  • They will act as a point of contact for teachers, parents and children in need
  • They will actively safeguard children at risk of criminality or exploitation
  • They will be there for our children and young people to talk to and seek advice from

What they will not do

  • They will not replace Schools Behaviour Policy they will support existing schools practice
  • The intention is not to arrest children in schools

How will Schools Officers work?

  • Each Secondary School will have a named officer as core liaison as a consistent visible and accessible presence
  • Schools Officers will roll out across Kent and Medway between June 2021 - January 2022
  • Maintain regular contact with Headteachers and respond to School needs and requests
  • Support teachers in developing content for PSHE lessons to ensure a consistent and appropriate crime and policing message
  • Will work alongside community based officers and education partners for enhanced services
  • Support Schools with reported incidents, re-acting to the needs of the school and children
  • Signpost to or deliver early intervention and awareness inputs for young people
  • Support children in recognising signs of danger and harm and how to report them

How will they support you and your child?

  • They will advise and signpost to appropriate services and educational resources based on your needs
  • They will treat each child as an individual and take their views and thoughts in to account
  • They will treat all young people, parents and teachers with dignity and respect - supporting diversity and inclusion
  • They will be available for you to talk to - to raise concerns, seek guidance and feed your thoughts in to
  • Be an active, positive presence within educational environments

What is Child Centred Policing?

Our Schools Officers will follow a Child Centred approach which support each child based on their individual needs, experiences and thoughts.

This means that we:

  • Recognise the different needs & approaches required for different ages
  • Early identification and early intervention to prevent long term harm
  • Holistic approaches to support families
  • Building positive relationships and connections with young people to shape future of policing and engagement

A poster by Kent Police detailing the information written above.