Student Gains Radio Society of Great Britain Youth (Bronze) Award

One of our students, Jack, is a third-generation radio amateur following in the footsteps of his parents and Grandad.  Recently, he has achieved the RSGB Youth (Bronze) Award, which is a fantastic achievement.

When speaking to Jack, at Bradfields Academy, he showcased his passion for all things radio.  He explained that when he is talking about radio, he does not necessarily mean what some people would assume radio is, such as Radio 1, KMFM or Capital.  This type of radio is a form of communication around the world through a series of communication frequencies; similar to what was used in the World Wars etc.

Jack passed the requirements for the Bronze award and was presented with his certificate by Roger London G0NRL, Chair of the Medway Amateur Receiving and Transmitting Society (MARTs).

Jack explained that he used FT8, and is now learning Morse with the help of his Dad, and is now working towards his Silver Youth Award.

You can read more about Jack’s Journey on the RSGB website: