Approaches to behaviour are always evolving. An update to our behaviour policy is due, and a team of staff are carrying out action research in order to review and improve further our approach to behaviour.

It is vital to remember that all behaviour is a communication and whilst it is important that any willful acts carry a consequence to support those affected it is even more important to listen to what the behaviour is telling us.

Students at Bradfields have received consistently positive comments from OFSTED, Parents, Professionals and visitors to the academy.

Rewards available for Staff to use:

  • Verbal Praise given to students
  • Points of Excellence awarded to students
  • Certificates presented to students for Academic & Attendance achievement
  • Letters, emails and texts sent home to Parents/Carers detailing student achievement
  • Subject/Curriculum Postcards sent home to parents/carers detailing student achievement
  • Telephone calls made to the home detailing student achievement
    Vouchers awarded to students


Sanctions available for Staff to use:

  • Corrective chats at the time of an event
  • Restorative procedures
  • Detentions given
    • At Morning Break
    • At Lunchtime
    • After the end of the normal academy day
  • Placing the student on Report [Tick Sheets/Target Sheets]
  • Hosting a Parental Contact Meeting to share and plan subsequent strategies
  • Inclusion: Withdrawal from lessons/break times and hosted in another
    Community to refocus behaviours
  • Exclusion from the academy for a fixed period of time


Behaviour and Attitude To Learning (BATL) Strategy

During each lesson there is an expectation that students adhere to the three consistent BATL Targets. These are:

  • Be punctual
  • Be respectful and kind
  • Be willing

Outside of lessons there is an expectation student adhere to two consistent BATL targets. These are:

  • Be respectful and kind
  • Be safe


Like all education establishments Bradfields has the right to use an exclusion as a sanction if a behaviour is severe enough to warrant one, or if repeated behaviours are continually disruptive to the life of the academy.

The decision is never taken lightly and is always a result of all factors and perceptions being taken into account. All students, staff and visitors have the right to attend the academy and feel safe and supported.


The academy has a rigorous anti-bullying policy in place which involved student, parent/carer, staff and governor consultation. An abridged version is available within the Student Planner. The policy is reviewed regularly in consultation with all groups.

Students have a good understanding of the different types of bullying. In recent years a lot of work has been carried out in tutor time, assemblies, PSHCE & Anti-Bullying Week to help students understand the difference between bullying and one off incidents. As such sometimes students have a better grasp than some parents/carers.

Homophobia & Racism

High quality staff CPD has been undertaken within this field and following on from the training the content was delivered to students through the PSHCE and Citizenship lessons. Focus weeks and days have also helped to broaden student understanding.

Training for staff and students by Stonewall has furthered this work to ensure the academy is well placed to support students and manage any homophobic issues should they arise. To date there have been none.

When problems have occurred they have been minimal and often reflected negative racist attitudes originating in the home place.

Understanding of Risk

Students receive good quality education in the areas of : Sex education ; Drugs Awareness Travel Training ; and, E-Safety through PSHCE & Citizenship.

Workshops have been provided since 2013 in: Gangs; Knife Crime; Sex & Relationship Education; Alcohol Abuse; and, Anti-Social Behaviour.

There have been recent strategies to help parents become more aware of E-Safety along with the students. These have been during parental ICT workshops.

Following the return from lockdown, focussed work has been targeting e-safety and ensuring that as much detail is shared with students, and families around staying safe online.


Students state wholeheartedly that they feel safe within Bradfields and the vast majority feel safe on the journey to and from the academy.

Student Sixth Form Code of Conduct

Bradfields Academy aims to provide all its students Sixth Formers with the best chance of achieving their full potential and realising their ambitions. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that all its students Sixth Formers have that opportunity.

We encourage our students Sixth Formers to work and behave on the ideals of mutual respect and cooperation, and we believe this provides the basis for orderly conduct around the academy. Bradfields Academy defines acceptable behaviour as that which promotes courtesy, co-operation and consideration from all students in terms of their relationships with other students within the academy, the teachers and with visitors or other persons within/outside the academy, for example, when accessing their Skills for Life rotation or when offsite at work experience.

Bradfields Academy expects all of its students Sixth Formers to:
  1. Be supportive of teaching and learning;
  2. Encourage honesty, trust, fairness, tolerance and compassion;
  3. Develop self-discipline and self-respect.
  4. Be respectful and behave appropriately with others
  5. Foster respect for others, for property and the environment
  6. Support all students to learn in safety and security;

If Sixth Formers follow our Code they will be helping to create a positive and supportive learning environment in which everyone can be successful and have their achievements recognised and rewarded. If Sixth Formers break our Code they should be prepared to accept the consequences. Sixth Formers should report to a member of staff cases where they may see behaviour that is inappropriate or unacceptable. Bradfields Academy has identified examples of unacceptable behaviour as that which includes name calling, verbal abuse, threatening language or behaviour, intimidation, physical abuse, bullying and harassment, including racist, sexist and homophobic abuse.

We expect all Sixth Formers to adhere to the following expectations:
  1. To display a positive attitude and take responsibility.
  2. To take personal responsibility for their own learning and career development.
  3. To attend all scheduled lessons and activities on time
  4. To attend each session properly equipped for the session’s activities.
  5. To complete all set work, including home learning, within the agreed time limit
  6. To co-operate fully with the instructions of all staff members
  7. To make the most of individual private study periods


Follow the general academy expectations:
  1. Outdoor coats, hats, caps, scarves, gloves and sunglasses should not be worn inside the academy buildings and should be placed inside lockers.
  2. All valuables (phones, gadgets, keys, tablets, money) should be handed in and taken to the office each morning and collected at the end of the day.
  3. Trainers can be brought in to wear for break times but shoes must be on for lessons.
  4. Sixth Formers will have the option to remove their jackets in hot weather.



All Sixth Formers are expected to attend the academy every day. Ideally, achieving 100% attendance, however we know that illness often strikes when we least expect it and as a result a day off to recover is the best course of action. If this is the case, then parents or carers should ring into the academy and inform us of the detail of the absence. If attendance falls below 95% and no valid reason is given, parents and carers may be invited into the academy to discuss strategies for improvement. Attendance is a key to success. If you are absent then we will contact you to see why. Good attendance is especially important for those students who are entitled for any additional bursaries that are made available.


Work Experience.

As part of the curriculum, all Sixth Formers will undertake a work experience placement.

For most, this will be an integral part of their curriculum, there will be no lessons timetabled for Sixth Formers onsite and as such, they will be expected to attend every week. Any non-attendance at work experience will have an impact on a student’s overall academy attendance, therefore, if a student is absent from work experience then they will be expected to inform both their employer and the academy of their absence. If a placement breaks down due to non-attendance, the cost of finding a new placement will be passed on to the parents / carers. This could be up to £50.00.

For those for whom an off-site work placement is not suitable there are a small number of on-site activities. Details of work placements will be sent home early in the academic year when it has been sourced. If you think that you may be able to source a place yourself for your child this will help with the allocation of places and I would encourage you to contact the academy with the details.


Expectations for clothes and appearance

For the most up to date uniform and PE Kit information, please check our dedicated Uniform Page, available here: Bradfields Academy Uniform


A downloadable version of the Sixth form parent/carer school Partnership Agreement can be found below

Refer to the Policies page to find our Behaviour Policy and our other policies.