Home Learning

Home Learning is designed to support students in further developing and extending their reading, English and maths knowledge and skills as appropriate to their stage and age. In addition, all students are encouraged to further develop their life skills through the completion of Life Skill challenges. These are to be completed at their own pace throughout the academic year and recorded in their student planners.

Home Learning Expectations

Primary: Focus on reading.

KS3: English and maths will set regular Home Learning.

KS4 and Sixth Form: English and maths will set regular Home Learning. Students will also receive additional Home Learning from their option subjects when appropriate to their course of study.

Other points to clarify:
  • If your son/daughter is not studying that specific subject in the booklet then they do not need to attempt those parts if they do not want to.
  • The students can go through the home learning booklet in any order, as it fits in with them and their family.
  • The Home learning life skills will be reviewed at events as listed in the back of the booklet.
  • If students wish, they can bring in a photograph of themselves completing life skills from the booklet, or write a note in the student planner so these achievements can be celebrated in assemblies.

Life Skills Challenges

Students will find in their planners a range of Life Skills Challenges. These should be completed at home either independently or supported by Parents/Carers dependent upon your child’s stage and age. Progress made should be recorded in their planners as they complete the challenges. This progress will be reviewed and recorded on their academy progress records three times a year. Progress towards their Life Skills Challenges will be discussed at their Annual Review, Pastoral Review Day and during Curriculum Review Days. If students wish they can bring in a photograph of themselves completing Life Skills to share and celebrate their progress with their Tutors or Teachers.

Further Life Skills for students to work on at home:
  • Talk about crossing the road safely, try this skill with an adult
  • Use a pedestrian crossing
  • Talk about making an emergency phone call – 999
  • Talk about Fire safety in the home and your house fire escape routes/procedures

Thank you for your continued support and we hope the students are enjoying completing their Life Skills Challenges.