Student Council and Lead Students

Student Council

Our Student Council plays a vital role within our community. Elected student representatives from all communities and all year groups across the whole academy meet termly enabling students within all forms to have a ‘voice’. Students are able to ask questions, share ideas and suggest developmental changes as well as submit requests for additional resources and facilities.

The Student Council structure consists of:

The three community meeting outcomes feed into the agenda and discussions of the Full Student Council Meeting which consists of student-elected representatives across all the communities who make the final decisions as to which actions to take forwards and which they feel has already been addressed. The minutes of meetings are shared with all students and staff. Additionally, any members of the community, staff, students or external representatives may be invited to attend the meetings to be asked questions about the provision and respond to any concerns/requests raised and make a decision with them on any outcomes. The council regularly invites the Principal to a meeting where they ask her to explain how the academy is run and enquire as to how they can support her in it being successful.

In addition to their work supporting the academy’s improvement and development, the Student Council is fully involved in all staff recruitment. Every time a new member of staff is interviewed and appointed a small team from the Student Council are included in the interview. Bradfields recognises the value of ‘student voice’ in this process.

The Student Council is supported by Mrs Gill Williams, Student Council Lead.

Honorary Members

Tracey Crouch MP is a supporter of our Student Council and has been an honorary member since 2012.

Successes of the Student Council

Between 2011 and 2018, the Student Council:

  • Took an active role as part of the Comenius Funded Euro-Partnerships 2011-13 [Inclusive] towards the International Youth Parliament award [linking with schools in Turkey, Finland & Portugal] and gaining the Full International Schools Award in July 2011. They went on to gain Comenius Funded Award 2012-14 [Youth Parliament].
  • In June 2013 Bradfields Academy’s Student Council was awarded the Medway Try-Angle Award for School Council, ‘Recognising the Efforts & Achievements of Young People in Our Community’.
  • In 2015 the Student Council’s work was recognised by gaining ‘Highly Commended’ status in the House of Commons Speaker’s Awards.

Since 2018, the Student Council have been active supporters of the Medway Student Parliament. Students in Oak and the Sixth Form have recently taken part in voting for the new Medway Youth Parliament representative for 2022.

Impact of the Student Council

Student Council members meet each term to discuss and decide on topics that will have a positive impact on the academy day.

Impacts have included:

  • New water fountains installed in and outside of buildings.
  • A new goal area on the lower playground.
  • A football and basketball cage area on the upper playground.
  • New equipment was provided and the expansion of enrichment activities and clubs on offer during the day and after hours.
  • Changes to the academy dinners. These requests included: large portions, hot desserts, stuffing with roast dinners, more salads, jelly and baguettes.  Also, Chartwells has made changes to the Autumn/Winter menu. These changes include age-appropriate portions.
  • An input into ways the Academy can support students since the COVID outbreak happened.
  • The purchase of equipment for the classrooms including additional move and sit cushions.
  • The purchase of new outdoor seating.

Meeting Dates

The Student Council Committee Meetings for 2023-24 are:

  • Tuesday 27th February 2024
  • Tuesday 23rd April 2024
  • Tuesday 11th June 2024
Primary, Pine, Birch and Maple Communities Oak and Ash Communities Sixth Form Community
9.20am 10.15am 11.25am


The Academy Full Student Council Meetings are:

  • Friday 1st March 2024
  • Friday 26th April 2024
  • Friday 14th June 2024

The meetings begin at 9.20am

The success of our Student Council has led to the development of a number of smaller focused committees that support the academy in its development:

Lead Students, Prefects, Head Students

Throughout a student’s time at Bradfields we feel it is important that they learn to take responsibility and develop their role in society.

Lead Students

When students are in Year 9, they are able to apply for the role of Lead Student. Applicants need to prepare a speech explaining why they would be a good Lead Student. They are then voted for by students and staff in the community. Lead Students support the Engagement Support Lead for their community by carrying out roles during breaks and lunchtimes.


When students reach the Sixth Form, we look at how students can transfer their leadership skills to support other members of the academy. As with Lead Students, anyone wishing to apply for the role needs to give a speech for the position and are voted for by their community.

Prefects support staff around the academy to remind students to follow the academy rules, support them at events throughout the academy year, and are role models to other students.

Head Students

Head Students are selected from the Prefects. Currently, we have two Head Students and two Deputy Head Students. They are asked to join events in the evenings and weekends to represent Bradfields Academy.

They are encouraged to speak publicly and share the academy’s values with external agencies.