The Therapy Dog Team is Expanding!

The Therapy Dog Team is expanding!

Please meet… Goji

Goji is a Tibetan Terrier who belongs to Mr. McLeod. He has been training with PAWSITIVE SQUAD, the same company as Jenson. Goji loves people and likes to sit and hold hands (paws) almost like meditation. He enjoys a scratch behind the ear, going for walks and really loves treats (obviously!)

Goji was working hard over the summer to be ready to work at Bradfields. He was in the academy whilst we were all on holiday, and is already familiar with all aspects of the school grounds. As you can see, Jenson and Goji have also been working together and are developing a working relationship too.

Goji is now ready to work with students and complete his more advanced training. He will be coming to meet the students and try out his new skills. He will be coming in on a gradual basis, eventually building up to working with more students across communities.

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