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Bradfields Academy

Bradfields Academy


Academy Uniform (EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4)


  • White polo shirt with logo
  • Black or charcoal trousers


Students may choose from the following:

  • navy sweatshirt with logo
  • navy jumper with logo
  • navy sleeveless jumper with logo
  • navy fleece with logo


  • White polo shirt with logo
  • Navy skirt
  • Black or navy trousers in winter


Students may choose from the following:

  • navy sweatshirt with logo
  • navy jumper with logo
  • navy sleeveless jumper with logo
  • navy fleece with logo

PE Kit

The same for all students

  • PE bag with logo
  • Royal blue t-shirt with logo
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers or plimsolls
  • Navy tracksuit jacket
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms

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Sixth Form Dress Code

The expectation is for Sixth Formers to dress in appropriate business attire that reflects their standing of young adults preparing for the world of work. The tutor team, Educational Support Lead, Senior Leadership Team and Principal reserve the right to interpret what is, and is not, appropriate wherever there is doubt about particular details, or where appearance is considered extreme, offensive or completely inappropriate. We base our expectations on the type of clothes and appearance that would be acceptable in the work place. An outline of what is acceptable and what is not is listed below.

Our gender-neutral dress code allows members of the Sixth Form to set a high standard in their personal appearance and conduct.  All items on the list below may be worn by Sixth Form students:

  • Smart, tailored style suit in a plain fabric, in dark grey, blue, black or navy (skin-tight clothing of any kind is not acceptable).
  • Smart trousers in dark grey, black or navy
  • Smart skirt of an appropriate length in dark grey, black or navy
  • Smart dress of an appropriate length in dark grey, black or navy
  • Smart plain shirt with collar
  • Smart blouse with sleeves and a neckline not below the collarbone.
  • Smart jumper, in black or grey
  • Smart cardigan, in black or grey
  • Smart shoes (Polished black or brown shoes, heels no higher than 2 inches)
  • Smart jacket or blazer in dark grey, black or navy
  • Smart, plain, matching socks in a dark colour
  • Formal items, such as waistcoats and ties, are optional

Please also be aware of the following:

  • Coats may be worn but are to be removed once inside classrooms/study areas
  • A single piercing in each ear is permitted.
  • Hair should be of a natural colour
  • Where religious dress is worn such as a hijab, turban, abaya, etc., it should be worn in conjunction with the dress code and maintain its spirit.

Please assume that anything not specifically listed above is not allowed, for example leggings, leather, pleather. denim, make-up, visible tattoos and facial piercings are not included on the list, so are not permitted.  Any clothing with rips, holes or large logos/slogans will not be deemed as being smart and the judgement of the Academy Leadership Team will be final on all matters relating to the Sixth Form Dress Code.

Finally, please remember that the dress code in the Sixth Form is a privilege not enjoyed by younger members of the academy community.  It reflects the level of maturity and independence we expect from our Sixth Form students and any student failing to comply with it may be sent home to change.

PE Kit

For PE Sixth Formers should wear:

  • a plain t-shirt/polo shirt (coloured blue/black/grey/white)
  • a choice of shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings (coloured blue/black/grey)
  • suitable non-marking footwear

Sixth Form students can also choose to wear the black t-shirt with the academy logo if they would prefer. Students who represent the Academy at sporting fixtures will be asked to ensure they have the appropriate kit.

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the name of the student - labelled lost property can be returned to its owner.

Please look at the relevant page for the community your child is in.

Every student is expected to:

Be a Safe and well-ordered member of the Academy community, which means that they should:

  • Not bring any electronic gaming items (such as MP3, MP4 players, iPODS, games consoles) onto the site
  • Not wear any jewellery (only a wristwatch and one pair of small plain studs, worn one in each ear are allowed)
  • Hand in their mobile phone at the start of each day and then collect it at the end of each day
  • Not take any still or video images of other students using a camera or mobile phone
  • Not wear any make-up including : nail varnish and false nails
  • Not have any visible body piercing and tattoos

Be a healthy and safe member of the Academy community, which means that they should:

  • Only wear proper shoes (plimsolls, trainers, open toe shoes or boots are not allowed)
  • Register prescribed medicines/tablets with Bradfields Medical staff at the start of the day (and / or start of term).  Such medication must be clearly marked with instructions from parent/carer.
  • Not bring alcohol or non-prescribed drugs onto the site
  • Not smoke on the site or when travelling to and from the academy
  • Not bring any dangerous items (such as knives, lighters etc. that could be considered to be an offensive weapon).
  • Remain on the academy campus at lunch and break times
  • Walk carefully when moving in and around the Academy campus

Promote pride in our academy provision, which means that they should:

  • Always wear the full academy uniform and PE kit.
  • Refrain from having 'extreme' haircuts (e.g. shaven sides, patterns and unnatural colours).
  • Refrain from wearing leggings/skinny trousers and hoodies.

Please note that the Assistant Principal for the community will make decisions in respect of all the items listed above should there be a dispute.