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Bradfields Academy

Academy Uniform Consultation

We are reviewing our academy uniform policy for students in KS1-KS4 (Year R to Year 11) and the Sixth Form Dress Code. Our aim is to ensure best value for money for parents and carers whilst maintaining a sense of belonging to the Bradfields Academy community.

We are proposing the following changes to our uniform policy: What we would like to change for KS1-KS4



Move to a gender-neutral approach to uniform. This ensures that all students are able to make choices about which items of uniform they want to wear based on their own identified gender, individual preferences and sensory needs.
Move to also allow black skirts, black PE (Physical Education) shorts/PE skirts and navy or black PE tracksuits. To widen the choice for parents when purchasing uniform.
All students to be able to opt to wear black or charcoal grey trousers at all times of the year. Previously girls were only allowed to wear trousers in the winter. We want to enable all students to wear trousers when they choose to rather than just in line with the season.
Second-hand uniform to be available at a low-cost during Coffee Mornings and Afternoon Teas. We recognise that uniform can prove costly, especially branded items. We are able to provide branded second-hand items at a low cost to provide parents with another option for purchasing uniform.


What we would like to change for Sixth Form Why
Move from no make-up to ‘Natural looking make-up and short finger nails’. This is to support all students in having the option/choice to wear some natural looking make-up in a way that would meet the expectations of a workplace.
Previously we have stated that suits, trousers, skirts, dresses etc. for the sixth form should be dark grey, black or navy only, however, we would like to extend this to accept appropriate colours which might be worn in the workplace. To widen the choice for sixth form students and to further prepare them for the next steps towards further education or employment.

We would like your feedback on the proposed amendments to the policy. Students will be consulted via the academy student council.

We would like to invite all parents and carers to take part, even if you don’t have any concerns about the changes.

Please complete our online survey so you can:

  • Give feedback on each proposed change to our policy
  • Suggest additional changes to the policy
  • Indicate any proposed changes you think we should discard

You can access it via

or by scanning:

Other ways to respond

  • Parents can also respond by emailing the academy office

The deadline for responding to the consultation is 25th March at 9am.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Ms M Sweetlove